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New Trojan Targets Android Facebook Users

17 Apr 2014

Posted By mjs27541 in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Attached File  facebook.jpg   7.71K   8 downloads


     A variant of a Trojan commonly known as iBanking has recently popped up, and appears to target Facebook users who use the site on their Android devices.  Users will know they have been targeted by this malware if they receive a pop-up notification that warns them they must download and install an app "due to a rising number of attempts in order to gain unlawful access to the personal information of our users and to prevent corrupted page data to spread Facebook administration introduces new extra safety protection system.”  If the user then downloads and installs the app, the Trojan can then not only steal data from your Facebook account, SMS and call logs among other things, but can reportedly take control of the device's earpiece and microphone to capture nearby audio.  Nasty stuff.  Click HERE for more info. 




  107 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by mjs27541 )


Verizon Galaxy S4 KitKat Update Leaked

16 Apr 2014

Posted By mjs27541 in DroidRzr News and Reviews
Attached File  kitkat.png   49.23K   18 downloads

For all you VZW S4 owners who are feeling unloved due to the lack of a KitKat update on your phones when all the other major carriers have gotten theirs, take heed.  It appears as though the VZW Galaxy S4 update has been leaked to the wild.  Anyone who wants to try it out can do so...

Not so fast.  A few words of warning first!

- I wouldn't pass this on if I wasn't confident it was safe.  With that being said, there is always a risk when flashing unofficial files to your devices, and neither nor yours truly are responsible if this borks your phone.

- This requires Odin to flash.  If you're unfamiliar with Odin and how it works, move along.

- The brave souls who have already flashed this are reporting that you CAN downgrade back to 4.3 should you desire to do so.  Doing that will require both the necessary Odin files and the requisite knowledge of how to flash them.  If you don't have either of those, see the previous warning.

- If root access is the least bit important to you, be patient.  One user has reportedly obtained root on this build, but hasn't yet released the details of how to do so.  A pre-rooted Odin image is supposed to be in the works.

For the few of you that I haven't scared off, you can find the update file HERE.

Source:  SXTP-Developers, thanks to dtomlin for originally posting the info

  216 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Nagaro )


LG G3 Release Date Possibly Fast Tracked to June - UPDATED 4-16-14

15 Apr 2014

Posted By mjs27541 in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Attached File  LG.jpg   8.6K   45 downloads
     The release of the upcoming LG G3, which had originally been scheduled for Q3 or Q4 2014, has reportedly been bumped up to June or July, according to an LG executive.   The device is said to sport a Quad-HD resolution screen, 3 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of onboard storage which can be expanded with up to a 64 GB external micro SD card.  The alleged spec sheet for the device has popped up on Sprint's website, and anyone interested in taking a peek can find it HERE.  So what does everyone think?  Will a Quad-HD display be a game changer?  Or will it end up just being a major battery hog with no appreciable difference on a ~5" screen?   
Source: NDTV

Update - Engadget is reporting that LG has confirmed that the G3 will have a Quad HD display.

  224 Views · 26 Replies ( Last reply by KaChow )


PSA - Heartbleed May Affect Your Android Device

14 Apr 2014

Posted By mjs27541 in DroidRzr News and Reviews




By now, anyone with an internet connection who hasn't had their head buried in the sand for the last few days has undoubtedly heard of the Heartbleed bug.  You know, the nasty one that can steal the encryption keys for about 75% of the internet and steal every bit of data contained therein.  Well, your Android device may be vulnerable as well.  Google has stated that while most Android devices are immune to the bug, Android 4.1.1 could be vulnerable to it.  Yahoo reports that Google is sending instructions on how to incorporate a security patch to device manufacturers in the hopes of securing those devices still on 4.1.1.  Those of you that are running devices with 4.1.1 based custom or stock ROMs should click this HERE for more information.


Source: Yahoo

  107 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by mjs27541 )


Amazon Announcing Smartphone Soon? - UPDATED 4-15-14

14 Apr 2014

Posted By mjs27541 in DroidRzr News and Reviews

  Attached File  amazon phone.jpg   4.28K   22 downloads  


     Hello Fellow Razrians!  I'm honored to be the newest writer for DroidRzr, and hope that I will add to everyone's enjoyment of the site in my own small way.  And maybe help fill your tech trivia banks in the process :lol:.  So without further ado, I humbly present my first story for!


     Speculation has abounded over the past few months that Amazon may soon be entering the smartphone market.  It would seem that those rumors are a step closer to becoming reality, as the Wall Street Journal has reported that Amazon will be announcing its very first smartphone in the near future.  Citing the ever present "sources who have been briefed on the matter", the Journal reports that Amazon will be announcing the device in June, with a possible ship date sometime in September.  The article doesn't mention hardware, specs, or pricing, but does suggest that the device will ship with a glasses-free 3D screen.  While scant on actual details, we can make educated guesses at some of the features the phone will probably be packing when it ships:


- It will most likely run a modified version of Android

- Expect tight integration with Amazon services, particularly it's VOD and Cloud services

- Based on Amazon's history with its "Fire" line of tablets, it will likely pack respectable, mid-range hardware at a very competitive price


     These are the most obvious features at which we can make educated guesses, but there are quite a few questions still looming at this point.  Will the phone launch for all U.S. carriers or be limited to a select group?  Will they be unlocked and dev-friendly, or will they be locked down tighter than anything Samsung's Fort Knox could bring to the table?  Will Amazon only make the device available through, or will it be offered through the carriers with a subsidy?  Or will Amazon offer special financing as they have recently with the Fire HDX tablet?  Clearly, there is far more left to be answered at this point, and expect the web to be burning up with gossip and speculation as we inch closer to the rumored June announcement.  


Source:, originally reported by The Wall Street Journal


UPDATE - BGR is reporting to have pics of a prototype device, although the phone itself is covered by some sort of case, making it difficult to surmise any actual design features.  The phone will reportedly pack 2 GB of memory, a 4.7 inch 720p display, and an unknown Snapdragon chipset.  Hardly top tier hardware, but if this info pans out, Amazon may end up selling this thing for a better price than anyone previously anticipated.  The pics can be found HERE.


Source: BGR



  158 Views · 0 Replies


Staff Promotions! Cheers to you all!

12 Apr 2014

Posted By tucstwo in DroidRzr News and Reviews

We've got some WELL deserved staff promotions coming down!!  :D 

We have had several guys as mods for a very long time and they have proven to be VERY well dedicated and trusted members of staff!

They have done SO much to help the site and its members, myself, satman80, Thach, livinginkaos, and many others have brought them to this staff long ago!


While we may have been sorta busy lately and didn't move on this well deserved promotion's TIME to act. No more delays for these deserving members! 

With that being said and with utmost respect, Please Welcome:




to the Super-Mod team!!!

Please congratulate them as they have been here for a very long time and have been through thick and thin with our community!

As well, as being well respected by many and putting in so much as others have... We will be making other changes soon, but first we felt promotions for these well deserving members was needed!


As well as some Moderator promotions...Stand By! We will be promoting users to moderator in the very near future as well!

  346 Views · 28 Replies ( Last reply by somber73 )

 Photo Raspberry Pi Giveaway !

04 Mar 2014

Posted By livinginkaos in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Attached File  09.PNG   74.33K   284 downloads is Pleased to Announce the WINNERS in the Raspberry Pi



Now - due to the popularity, I have added a couple more sets to the pot.  So, not 6, but 8!


Here are the 8 winners:














Updated 03-05-14 See Below - VERY COOL BONUS


In preparation for a new section on the Raspberry Pi in our forums,

we are giving away 6 kits to get a support base going.


Drawing to be held on Tuesday, March 11th at Noon Pacific


The kits include: 

Raspberry Pi - Model B (512 MB / Revision 2)
WiFi Dongle (Ralink RT5370 chipset)
8 GB SD Card - OEM Raspberry Pi Foundation Recommended SD Card pre-loaded with the new NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software)
USB Power Supply with Micro USB Cable specially designed for the Raspberry Pi delivering full 1A @ 5V
Premium Quality Raspberry Pi Case with GPIO Access
Premium Quality HDMI Cable
Jumper Cables
Ribbon Cable
GPIO to Breadboard Interface Board
8 x LEDs (Blue/Red/Yellow/Green)
15 x Resistors
2 x Push Button Switches
CanaKit General Guide for Beginners to Electronic Components
Attached File  02.PNG   320.85K   298 downloads
Here's the skinny -
There are only a few of requirements to be involved in this giveaway.
1. Be a Member of
2. State in a post in this thread that you want to be included
3. Commit to USE the device and be involved in activities on the site regarding RaspberryPi
That's it !  Simple as Pi......
( Fine Print - Prizes in this giveaway have been donated personally by Livinginkaos - No funds have been provided by  Staff is eligible for entry )
Also, while it is not required, If you enjoy, I would encourage you to donate to help support the site so we can keep things like this popping up !
Here's what I offer...if any of the Pi holders invent something new with their pi, I, a licensed patent attorney with decades of experience in real life,, will 1) confer with them to together search and determine if and what might be patentable, and 2) help them prepare and file a U.S. provisional patent application that complies with U.S. law and will protect their invention for one (1) year.  After that, our new Edison would be on their own to decide whether they wanted to invest in a full patent (which would have to be done by their own patent attorney and at their own expense, I cannot represent them for the full patent filing).  This would apply only to the recipient, and only to inventions based on the pi they receive.  They would own their patent completely, no piece of the Pi for me or droidrzr.  



[Because patents involve federal law, I can and do work anywhere in the U.S., If someone has serious questions about the limits of what I am allowed to do with them I can certainly provide more, but conflict of interest rules can get a little dry. ]



  4,860 Views · 353 Replies ( Last reply by livinginkaos )


MOTO X VZW XT1060 Soak On the Horizon

21 Feb 2014

Posted By livinginkaos in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Soak started - 2-21-14

Version 164.55.2 - Android 4.4.2


Attached File  02.PNG   249.16K   67 downloads

  814 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by EliC )

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