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Announcement: Users Wishing to Start ROM Threads

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Effective Today, only members who are "Developers" or "Superusers" will be permitted to start new topics in the ROM forums. Members will still be able to read and reply to threads posted. This is for members protection. As stated in the past, the ROM's forums are only for members to post their ROM releases. It is not a place to post topics such as "Which is the best ROM?" or "Why does 'ABC ROM' have 'XYZ bug'?". There are appropriate areas on the forums for such threads. This is not intended in any way to discourage a member who's looking to get their feet wet with development. If you are a member and wish to release a ROM, it's as easy as contacting any forum Admin by PM. They are listed below in no particular order. Requests for Developer status are normally granted with in a few moments of agreeing to the Developer's Code of Conduct. Thank You

Send a PM to Aixelsyd
Send a PM to Livinginkaos
Send a PM to Satman80
Send a PM to Thach
Send a PM to tucstwo

DO NOT Start ROM threads in other areas of the forum because you haven't yet been granted Developer or Superuser Status! It will be removed!