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Announcement: Droidrzr Developer's Code of Conduct

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We the staff along with some developers have come up with a Code Of Conduct that is to be followed to promote growth, respect, and synergy among all Droidrzr.com current and future developers. We ask that you take this seriously and comply with the following. These rule's may be added to or amended by the Droidrzr developer community. If you have any ideas that you would like to add, please feel free to post them in the Dev Lounge. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any staff member and we will be happy to assit you. On behalf of the Droidrzr developers, we thank you.

Droidrzr.com Developer Code of Conduct

  • Respect all other devs and ask for permission prior to using any of their work. Preferably through PM or email so if a issue should arise, you have proof that you have been given permission.
  • Should any issue arise with another dev, it will be handled in private with that dev first. If the issue cannot be resloved at that level, contact a mod for further assistence. If the problem is brought into the topics, the topic will be locked and removed until things can be resolved.
  • *Detail in OP's if permission is need to use any work that you post.