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Piracy, It's NOT what's for Breakfast......

20 Apr 2015

Posted By livinginkaos in DroidRzr News and Reviews



Just a PSA regarding recent activity here on DroidRzr. 


Blisspop for the XT926 and XT907 will no longer be maintained here on DroidRzr.com .  In a round about way, it was found that the dev here on DroidRzr had linked to pirated apps in those threads.  DroidRzr DOES NOT SUPPORT Piracy of any sort and will not knowingly condone those actions.  We have removed the threads and the user has been banned from any future posting.  


We've all seen the "Piracy is not a victim-less crime" statements on videos.  It is a growing problem and requires some due diligence by all those that have the responsibility to enforce.  


With that said, I find myself in an awkward place and as such, will be extracting myself from the site.  I have enjoyed much of the past several years and have made many friends along the way.  I hope that all of you have had or will have that opportunity as well !



  1,550 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Badger1313 )

  1,324 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by spainter )


Site downtime and Server move

13 Feb 2015

Posted By R1Lover in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Hello, I'm going to take the site offline in about 15 minutes and move it to a brand new server, this will allow for much greater performance and stability. :)


I'll update this post once the move has been completed as well, I expect this to take about 30 minutes tops.


Thank you






  1,634 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by tucstwo )


Nexus 6 & 4 LRX22C 5.0.1 Image Now Up on Google

10 Dec 2014

Posted By livinginkaos in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Attached File  02.png   18.51KB   35 downloads


The 5.0.1 image is now available for Shamu and Occam.  


Bear in mind that the batch file included is still broken as it will give you a "system.img not found" error.  


Not to worry, just do it the old fashioned way with fastboot.  


Or, if you like a small challenge, just edit the batch file to flash the boot, recovery and system images instead of the update script.  


I took it a step further and had it boot into twrp when it was done so I can reflash SuperSU.




if there is interest, I can post up a link to my batch file.....

  2,582 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by soocold )


Nexus Lollipop Builds are LIVE

12 Nov 2014

Posted By livinginkaos in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Got Nexus?


Get Lollipop !


Builds are live on the developer page HERE .....


BTW - the 5.0 build has not been posted for either N7 Mobile devices at this time.....


Attached File  02.png   98.75KB   57 downloads

  2,996 Views · 12 Replies ( Last reply by matjmonk )


Nexus 6 at AT&T Now Available for Preorder; T-Mobile Pushes Back Release

12 Nov 2014

Posted By droidian1441 in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Attached File  unnamed.png   423.42KB   10 downloads

The long awaited Nexus 6 is now available for preorder through AT&T. AT&T is only selling the Midnight Blue 32GB version, which is available for $249.99 on a two-year contract, or $682.99 off contract. The device can also be paid for in monthly installments with AT&T Next at these rates:

$0.00 down on: 
  • AT&T Next 24month: $22.77 for 30 months
  • AT&T Next 18month: $28.46 for 24 months
  • AT&T Next 12month: $34.15 for 20 months


T-Mobile also announced that the release of the Nexus 6 on their network has been pushed back to November 19. They did not give a specific reason for the delay. Preordered devices through AT&T are expected to ship on November 18. Sprint devices will be available for purchase in stores and online on November 14th, and U.S. Cellular and Verizon have not announced specific plans for their release, though U.S. Cellular is expected to make the device available sometime this month.


Who is (or has already) made or making a preorder for the Nexus 6? Which carrier are you purchasing it through?


[Sources: PhoneDog / Droid-Life]

  2,464 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by livinginkaos )


Veteran's Day - Thank A Vet !

11 Nov 2014

Posted By livinginkaos in DroidRzr News and Reviews



The Droidrzr.com Family would like to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who have, and are, serving us.  Protecting our freedoms is not a thing to be taken for granted.  Thank You !

  2,468 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by usmcamgrimm )


Droid Turbo Review - a week later.....

06 Nov 2014

Posted By livinginkaos in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Droid Turbo XT1254 Review- a week later.....

Attached File  01.jpg   46.39KB   35 downloads


I’ve had the device for almost a week now, so it’s a good time to give my views on the Droid Turbo for Verizon.  Being a Droid generally brings some clout and this device is no exception.  There are a couple drawbacks, but in all, I feel positive about the Turbo.  So without wasting time, here we go.



When the device showed up, I was taken aback by the size of the box. It was bigger than previous Droids in depth.  Upon opening it up and taking the phone out, it was fairly obvious why – the Turbo charger is included with this handset.  That’s a $35 item in itself and I was happy to see that included.  Anyway, picking up the handset, it has a definite “feel”.  The best word I have is a “robust” feeling.  It makes me feel like I could take it and pound nails with the thing.  It’s not extremely heavy, 176 grams, although it does weigh in a bit more than the G3 (149g), M8 (160g) or S5 (145g).  I purchased the Ballistic Nylon back and it has a good grip feel to it.  I don’t fear dropping it because with that “robust” feel, I know what the device is doing in my hand, so if it’s slipping, I’m aware.  The “bill” at the bottom that some have commented is ugly, really isn’t all that bad.  For me, I can’t seem to navigate anything that far down graciously, so the blank area doesn’t concern me.  It does have a rubberized coating, and I think that adds to the “presence” of the device in the hand.

Attached File  03.jpg   59.58KB   33 downloads



The Turbo has the 5.2” 1440p Quad HD Display 2560x1440 Amoled 565ppi behind a Corning Gorilla Glass 3.  It is nothing more than beautiful.  It is very crisp, clear and easy on the eyes.  After having a Samsung S5 in my mix, this display is better to me.  For my viewing, the S5 display is overbearing.  It gives me a headache if I stare at it too long in just a little off lighting.  The Turbo display has a good tone for me.  Now, everyone’s eyes are different, so, you’ll have to compare them yourselves in order to judge, but, I don’t think you would be disappointed in this one.  I’ve heard complaints about not enough brightness, but I don’t find that a problem.  In auto brightness mode, many of the current devices will gauge the auto part with where you set the manual brightness as the high end and perhaps, this is what people are seeing?  IDK, you be the judge.  I am able to see this outside in daylight with little effort.  One thing for me, living in the Northwest, is I fight the rain.  Using a smartphone in the rain is the pits.  The G3 is unbearable, clicking everywhere at the slightest wet.  The M8 wasn’t much better.  The Turbo is GREAT in the rain.  Unless it is getting completely covered, you still have functionality without the random screen clicks.  The Turbo gets a BIG thumbs up from me here.  Oh, buttons, yeah, they are capacitive…. It’s one of those things that bother some and not others.  Like I mentioned, I don’t seem to be able to navigate very well in the lower regions, so not having screen in that area doesn’t bother me.  It does use real estate, but if you look at the M8, it has a ton used top and bottom of the device.



Typical Droid styling with Moto X flair is how I would describe floating around the OS.  It is still 4.4.4, so no Lollipop action yet (and I would not expect it until a bit after the New Year).  Not as heavily choked with bloat as some previous Droid models, but it does have its share.  Active notifications is one big hit.  Being able to see important notifications without having to pick up the device is always handy and a battery saver as well.  The typical addition of a Droid centerpiece widget on the Turbo is called the Command Center.  It has obviously the clock, weather, events and battery meter.   A tap to the side of the command center will open “wings” to display a little more of the same info as well as play a nice vibration in your hand- yeehaw !  The rest is your basic Moto skin, tiled quick settings, etc.  You will notice that there is little to no delay in anything you do.  Sporting the Snapdragon 805 CPU at 2.7Ghz and an Andreno 420 GPU, you fly through just about everything.  Now, I am no gamer, wish I had the time, but it seems to handle some of the things I tested out quite well.  I install Epic Citadel and have to say the result was impressive for me.  There was little linearization in the images as they transformed across the screen.  My resulting FPS on Ultra High Res was 52.2 FPS @ 2560x1440.  Not too shabby.

Attached File  02.jpg   96.82KB   30 downloads



The front facing stereo speakers pack a light punch.  Having the speaker on the front has advantages and disadvantages, but they balanced it fairly well.  The biggest downfall is that the speakers are only in a left/right orientation in portrait mode.  Put the device into landscape and listen to a stereo video and the flow is up and down.  A little disheartening…..



The Turbo sports a hefty 3900mah Battery – unfortunately, it needs it for the display.  I have been going 16-17 hrs on time with appx 4hrs of screen on and ending with between 30-40%.  While that’s nothing to cry over, it’s definitely not where the specs put it and from what I am told, not any better than the Droid Maxx.  For me, I charge every night, so this will obviously suit me.  I can see making most domestic flights playing on the Turbo the entire time without issue. 



The rear camera on the Turbo is a 21MP (5248 x 3936), autofocus, dual-LED flash.  Default the image is set to a widescreen 15.5MP in a 16x9 ratio just to fill the display 100%. To get to 21MP you need to change it to the standard 4:3 ratio.  All I have to say is wow.  So far the images I have taken are crisp and colors are very close to true.  I am no photographer, so don't judge my skills : )

Attached File  04.jpg   68.41KB   29 downloads



One thing that bugged me right away was the fact that I couldn’t get my mUSB storage device to mount.  KitKat’s inability to read exFat and NTFS has been left unaltered in the Turbo.  This is something that can easily be adjusted with root privileges, but, guess what…… we have none.  So, I have had to resort to reformatting my drive to FAT32 to regain the use.  Not a huge deal, but, come on, it’s just a silly MS licensing thing…..


Advanced Calling- don’t have it.  I have had the privilege of previewing the next software build that has the ability put in, but I cannot get VZW to turn it on for my acct.  That said, out of the box, you will not have the ability to talk and use mobile data simultaneously.  For me, no big deal, but many use this feature and it is a big let down immediately.  It will be fixed when the new build is OTA’d but until then, be forewarned.

and, that’s it for quirks really.  Nothing else had caught my attention enough to be worthy of mentioning.  By this point, you have got to know there is no SD card support.  Not a huge deal in my mind, some have big issues with it, but your call.


BIG Plus-

One thing I was not aware of until after picking the unit up is the screen warranty.  Believe it or not, Moto will replace a damaged display for free once within the first 24 months !  This is huge IMO.  Especially in the first few months after release in that replacement displays are hard to find and generally fairly costly.  And, with the newer devices, they tend to be a bit more difficult to replace on your own.


In the end, the question being, will I keep this device?  Heck yeah.  It’s worth the desk space….



  3,434 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by MJordan81 )

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