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Site Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to DroidRzr.com

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our Rules and Guidelines.

1 - Content
a. First, and foremost, this is a family site. Not just in the sense that we want to keep content clean, but also that this site is a family and community. Please treat other users in the forum as such. We work together to solve problems, develop new processes and have fun! Bad language, porn or any inappropriate content posted by any user is unacceptable Linking to inappropriate websites both on the forum or in chat is also prohibited. Users found in violation of these rules will be warned first, but further infractions could include suspension, moderator review or indefinite suspension. Say to yourself, "Is what I'm about to say something I would see on a network TV show on a school night?"
b. Please treat all staff members with respect. All of us are volunteers and donate time out of our busy schedules to help build and maintain the site. We are not your here to take abuse from you under any circumstances. All members of staff are adults and expect to be treated as such. Members can expect the same respect.

2 - Posting on The Forum
a. When posting a new thread, make an attempt to put it in the right location. If threads are found in the wrong forum, they will be moved by the site moderators. We want these forums to be educational and valuable to its member. The General Discussion Thread in the appropriate section is a good place to post if you have a question but are not quite sure where to put it. We also have the lounge/off topic forum. You can talk about anything you want in there. Just keep it respectful, clean and legal.
b. Make Meaningful Posts. While we are here to help solve problems, produce development and ROMs as well as staying on top of news and rumors, all posts should be value added and on topic to the thread (even in the lounge). You will be verbally warned and site Moderators reserve the right to delete any meaningless post. Repeat offenders are subject to points, temporary suspensions, moderator review or indefinite suspension.
c. Use a Descriptive Title. Do not create threads with subjects of “ HELP ME” or “NOW WHAT”. Help us help you. When you create your thread/post, think of it as if someone else is reading it. Make sure your subject line is related to the content of your post. Subject lines of "help" or "now what" will not help others later when they try to search for a solution to a particular issue. Try to be a little more creative.
d. Stay on topic. Thread hijacking or intentional topic changes is prohibited. If you have something to say, start a new topic. Do not post off-topic content in someone else's topic. Violators will be warned, continuous violators will be issued points or placed on moderator review.

3 - Rooting/Modifying Devices
a. Any information regarding rooting, modding, flashing or any other actions that will modify your phone beyond it's stock configuration are done at your own risk. Droidrzr.com, it's members, staff and developers are NOT responsible for any damage to your phone. This does not by any means insinuate that this community won't do any and everything with in their power to try and help you should you have a problem with your device. By registering to this site, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. Your device, your consequences.

4 - Piracy
a. Droidrzr.com will not tolerate any illegal software or piracy on this site. This includes all forums and the chat room. Stealing apps, sharing stolen apps or teaching others how to steal apps is not allowed. This is non-negotiable and we practice a zero-tolerance policy for any infractions of this rule. Users posting stolen property on this site put the site in risk of legal action.

5 - Spam
a.Do not spam the forums or chat room. This not only includes "offers or marketing" but posting nonsense, gibberish babble, repeat posting, posting the same thread in multiple forums or making meaningless posts. Post count padding, Link abuse, traffic leaching, member leaching, advertising, adult content or nudity will not be tolerated. Violators will be suspended indefinitely.

6 - Accounts
a. Only one username or account is allowed per member. If you have forgotten your log in information, do not create a new account, but please click on "I've forgotten my password" and a reset will be emailed to your email on file. Should you not be able to access your email or have forgotten what email you used. Send an email to droid@droidrzr.com to request log in assistance. Multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in to your account will result in it being locked for a given amount of time. Users found with multiple accounts will be merged and or indefinitely suspended depending on the circumstances. You will be notified prior to enforcement.
b. User names and the use of avatars and signatures. Member user names, avatars and signatures must be appropriate for all ages. A user name may not be a web site. If the moderation team does not feel your user name, avatar or signature is appropriate you will be asked to change it. If there is no response in a timely manner it will be changed for you and the one that the staffs assigns may be the one you like. Username changes are only granted under special circumstances. Signatures are allowed, however, keep them neat and clean. Keep font size normal, no excessive coloring, no upper case letters, no vulgarity, nudity or adult content. We want you to express yourself, however in a reasonable manner. External links that are designed to direct members away from our forums or to another forum with the intention of member poaching are not permitted in signatures or any links otherwise.

7 - "Kanging"
a. Kanging, or copying others proprietary code is not tolerated. Many of our developers would be more than happy to let you use portions of their code as long as you 1-ask for permission 2- give credit and/or 3- Abide by the provided Open Source licenses should they apply. Many are fine with you just crediting their work within yours. If in doubt, ask the specific developer or contact a member of the Administration team.
If you are accused of kanging, this is the process: Your thread will be locked and relocated into the Developer Mediation forum. A discussion will be created in the Developer Mediation forum where staff and other developers can discuss the accusation and produce proof. If you are found to have stolen work without permission or credit you will be given the opportunity to make the proper request there. At which point your thread will be amended and moved back into the proper forum. We don't want to kick out people because of kanging but multiple offenses will not be tolerated and you may be suspended indefinitely if you become a repeat offender.

8 - Harassment
a. Harassment, flaming or ANY form of derogatory remarks will NOT be tolerated in ANY way. We are a tight-knit community and family here and want all of our members to have the absolute best experience possible. Any slanderous or derogatory remarks will result in immediate action. No exceptions. Punishment includes warning, points, temporary suspension, moderator review or indefinite suspension depending on the severity of the offense or frequency of offenses made.

9 - Warnings/Suspensions General Policy
a. DroidRzr.com does not want to issue warnings or suspensions (temporary or indefinite) to members. It is our goal to be a friendly helpful environment for all Android users no matter what their skill level is. Members who do not follow the above rules may suffer consequences for their actions. Under most circumstances we will use a 3 strike policy. After the third offense though you will be suspended from DroidRzr.com indefinitely. Depending on the severity of the offense, Moderators, Super Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to show leniency towards an infraction.

10- Staff Descriptions and colors:
-Red (Admins): These are the people behind the scenes keeping things running. You may see some of them floating around but mostly they are taking care of the site and making sure it's up and running smoothly. However, if you need to contact an admin we will respond to you if no other member of staff can help you. If you have issues with a staff member at all please contact an admin.
-Purple (SMods): These are the Admins' right hand. They manage the moderators and report the necessary information back to the admins. They make sure that the site stays clean and that the mods quickly take care of all issues and questions.
-Blue (Moderators): These people are the face of the forums. They are always here to help, keep clean and maintain the forums. If you are having an issue with the site or another member, contact a moderator first. They will be able to help solve your problems 99% of the time. If you find something just isn't right they are here for that too.
-Green (Developers): Developers, the name speaks for itself. These are the "meat and potatoes" of the site. Any ROM or mod you see more than likely came from a developer. They understand all the ins and outs of ROMing and flashing and are one of the main reasons we have this site and probably the main reason you are a member!
-Black w/green shadow (Superusers): These are mostly made up of Themers, modders and utility makers. Some of these people are actually full fledged developers and belong to a development team name and use their Superuser account for the day to day posting.
-Black w/black shadow (News Team): These users write the articles you see on the front page bringing news, rumors and information from around the Android community. They also write opinion pieces, do device reviews and Droidrzr.com exclusives.
-Black w/gold shadow (Dedicated Supporters): These are members who have chosen to donate their hard earned dough to this community. Their contributions assist with paying site fees, getting devices into the hands of the developers, putting together contests/give-a-ways and a slew of other things. The funding supplied from our amazing supporters keeps this site going!
-Grey (Members): YOU! Whether a casual visitor or a daily enthusiast, the members of this site are what this site is all about! The entire staff is here to serve you and to help you with any problems you may have!

Our staff maintains an "open door" policy. If you see any violations or have any questions about the rules listed above, please feel free to reach out to a staff member. You may notice in every thread on the top of every post is a report button. If you see something that is inappropriate or even questionable, report it. The staff will review it and handle it from there. Becoming "the forum police" is not tolerated It is difficult, if not impossible to review every topic and post on the site. For this, we rely on you, the user. If you feel the issue is something that needs attention beyond what the report button can afford you, please feel free to contact any one of the staff members. A list of the staff can be found toward the bottom of the community index.

DroidRzr.com reserves the right to modify these Rules and Guidelines at anytime for any reason.