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Donation Fund For Jolly And Ivydroid In This Time Of Loss

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#1 Guest_DirtyDroidX_*

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 08:11 PM

I don't have many words to describe how i feel , or can express them in words. I was talking to Dhacker the other night and we said we should start a fund for the expenses for both family's. So this comes from DROIDHIVE. The following statement is in Dhackers thread located

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"I am sure a lot of you are still reeling from the loss of a great friend and member of the Android community. Many loved Cass just as I did. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jolly and Ivydroid in the difficult time. One thing they don't need to be worried with right now is the financial expenses associated with this tragedy. With that said I am donating all that is in my PayPal currently and posting a link here for others to donate. I will send whatever is received to Jolly and Ivy. Please help if you can doesn't matter how much or how little. It's just the thought and the caring for the community that is expressed."

RIP my awesome wonderful friend,

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Like i said no words can express how i feel. Cass was such a great person and a wonderful mother. Every time i would talk to her on the phone she would make me laugh , or her random messages on gtalk, always left me with a smile. Even though me and jolly have not talked in a while cass still talked to me and always would tell me to just put in the past and move on. Today jolly messaged me back in over two months and i just cried. My stomach is still in knots thinking about all of this. I can only imagine how jolly is feeling inside. I lost my cousin to suicide and it is something you can not understand or we may never understand. I no she is in a better place and smiling down on all of us , she would not want us to morn over her she would want us to throw a party or have a shot, lol. So cass , this shot is for you . She has left behind many ppl that loved her , even though money cant fix things, it can help with what the family has to do ,in this tragic time. I have been talking to jolly from the first day i joined the android community and he taught me the right way to do things. This friendship grew to us talking more online and on the phone. We talked to each other about everything and helped each other out in good times and in bad. I can say I have missed my friend, he is like a brother to me. I would do anything for him. I no jolly had a tough time with a previous relationship and when he started to talk to cass he became overwhelmed with happiness and found his true love. Love is a powerful thing, and love will bring all of us together to try to help Jolly and cass family.

I just want to say I love you cass , I know your in a peaceful place, you will always be missed and never forgotten. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

To Jolly, my friend , my brother, I love you. You no i will always be there for you no matter what.


Everyone make sure to stop by DroidHive and thank Dhacker for doing this.
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#2 dhacker29


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 08:21 PM

Thanks guys this community is about family the android family no matter what site we prefer or use in the end we are all connected and we all liked/loved Cassy. She was a force to be reckoned with and a huge supporter of anyone that asked for help in and out of android. I love you Cass and miss you.
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#3 tyrthas


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 08:54 PM

This... both or you.. have said a lot we can all connect with. I wish I had known her better than I did, and jolly. She was always there when I needed someone. Even if I just wanted to beotch about my life and all that.
She was my first friend here and one of my first true friends, period. She helped me open up to the community and grow to love it.
I can't donate right at this second, but tomorrow I will give everything I can...

Money can't fix this, but if you just give a penny because it's all you can do, it will say more than any words can. If she has ever made you smile, listened, or helped you in any way... at least drop the change in your pocket.

But like DDX said don't be be down. Celebrate the good times. Cass would want you to take that shot, throw that party, and celebrate!

Edit: if you can't afford it I understand, but do something. Write, sing, take a moment of silence. Do what you can for one of the greatest people to hit android, or the world. Respect. Then celebrate her achievements and who she was and who you are. It is what she would want. She didn't condemn or judge. She cared and loved.

#4 bokajay



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Posted 26 March 2012 - 08:56 PM

Great to see how strong the community is. I learned of this site and Droidhive through following Cassy on Twitter. Since I got my Razr, I have followed her lead as far as which ROMS to test out and have had the privileged of using the great roms cooked up from all of you great developers. She seemed like a wonderful person and she always answered any questions I had. A true loss as a human being for the Android community and most importantly her family and close friends. RIP Cassy

#5 snives


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Posted 27 March 2012 - 12:49 AM

Bumping this to get it back to the top of TapaTalk.

Money can't fix this, but if you just give a penny because it's all you can do, it will say more than any words can. If she has ever made you smile, listened, or helped you in any way... at least drop the change in your pocket.

Try to make it at least a dollar so nobody send PayPal fees to them.

#6 VantenKiest


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Posted 27 March 2012 - 02:14 AM

Kelly and I are holding a trashing session here in Pittsburgh with a few android buddies we picked up that have also been touched by the epicness that is Cassy.... we will drink we will flash and brick phones all day saterday byob as well as take a shot or 4 of apple cinnamon pie shine and wipe front to back...

I don't have much to offer but I will be making a boot animation of quotes and pics if anyone cares to contribute let me know in a pm
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#7 mopar57



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Posted 27 March 2012 - 04:07 AM

Try to make it at least a dollar so nobody send PayPal fees to them.


Just to everyone out there, paypal takes out 2.2% + .30 cents for each transaction under donations...So keep this is mind. You would actually be hurting the fund donation less.

RIP Cass, you will be missed!!!

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#8 ardeleon09



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Posted 27 March 2012 - 06:46 AM

I didn't know Cass like all of you did but I was shocked when I heard about this. I have her on my twitter feed and loved a lot of the stuff she would post. I was even shocked when she favorited something I had sent to her. From all that I've read through tweets and other posts she was an awesome girl. My deepest condolonces go out to Jolly and Ivydroid, be strong.

May Cass rest in peace.

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