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New Market Rules! Everyone Must Read Before Posting A Thread Here

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Posted 30 September 2012 - 09:48 AM

Our little Droidrzr community has grown in leaps and bounds over the last year and it's amazing what it has become. But like any small town that grows into a city a certain kind of riff-raff type will always follow. We are seen as the go-to forum when it comes to the Razr and now many other devices and when you have the type of exposure droidrzr.com has, crooks will always try to exploit it and prey on the honest members. So (sadly) effective immediately, there will be requirements to making a for sale thread in the the market section. If myself or any other moderator or admin see threads that don't follow the guidelines, the thread will be NOT LOCKED, BUT DELETED to avoid sale discussion continuing through PM.

The Rules are as follows:

Topic Title Format:
1. Indicate if you are posting an item for sale or for trade and if you have the item or looking for the item. Using the acronyms listed below.
FS=For Sale
FT=For Trade
WTB=Want to Buy
WTT=Want to Trade

2. The exact name and item you are buying/selling/trading, etc. This should be self explanatory.

3. Put a price IN the title unless it's a trade proposal or a to buy thread.

So a thread title should be formatted as follows [FS][Droid Razr Maxx][$499.00] or [FT][Droid Razr Maxx for SSGS3] or [WTB][Droid Bionic] or [WTT][Droid Bionic for Droid Razr][+$50.00].
These are just examples, obviously we are't going to be CRAZY if you make a minor error in the topic title format, but your intentions, the item and a dollar amount if applicable are REQUIRED IN THE TITLE in same way shape or form.

Thread Requirements:
In your thread we now have 5 requirements:

1) A picture of what you have to sell or trade NO EXCEPTIONS. It must be a picture of YOUR EXACT item.

2) A piece of paper with: Your member name and the date you are posting your for sale/trade thread must be in the photo above WITH your item for sale or trade.

3) Clean ESN or MEID upon request: If the ESN or equivalent ID number is requested in the thread, it is the sellers option whether or not to post it publicly. If a user sends a PM to the seller requesting the ESN and the seller still doesn't want to reveal the ID numbers then it would be safe for any prospective buyer to BEWARE. There is really no reason to not share an ESN number privately if you are motivated to make a sale. BUYERS BEWARE of sellers refusing to release an ESN number through PM, assume any phone that you can't confirm the status of to be worth no more than parts or you take the risk paying retail for a pile of parts.
For buyers, a helpful tool is

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it is one of many websites that help you confirm the status of a device.

4) Phones with dirty ESN numbers MAY NOT BE SOLD on Droidrzr.com. No EXCEPTIONS. The site doesn't want to get involved with stolen property, and we are not a junk yard.

5) Selling "For Parts" or "As-IS" is fine but you MUST indicate this in your OP. Please state with your price that the item is AS-IS. It must be understood by all members that if you buy a phone for parts or as-is that what you get is what you get, so take that into consideration when evaluating if it's worth the asking price to you. The ESN rule STILL applies to broken devices.

Follow Up Posts:
Members wishing to ask questions about the item for sale are encouraged to do so in the thread as opposed to PM this way all parties interested can get similar questions answered.
Members are not to flame or complain about a user or their asking price or trade suggestion. If you don't like what someone is asking for their item DON'T BUY IT. No one cares if you think the asking price is too much and no one is forcing you to read the topic. With that being said, if you are aware of price gouging or another member trying to take advantage of others please contact a moderator.
If for any reason a thread looks shady or you have a suspicion about a specific thread or poster, please contact myself or another moderator or admin. Don't accuse people of being scammer's or thief's, etc if you have no real proof.

Watch out for threads asking to use wire transfers or Western Union/Money Gram. These are 99% of the time a scam. Report threads you see asking for these transaction methods. Also if using Paypal, utilize the method of "good and services" not just a money transfer as you will have no recourse with Paypal.

Be smart, get people names, emails, addresses, etc when making a purchase. See how many posts they have or when they joined the site. All this info can be found on any members profile. This isn't iron clad, but a user with time and reputation is less likely to rip someone off than someone who joined 3 days ago. Droidrzr may be a great place, but this is still the internet and there will always be somebody looking to rip somebody else off.

Thank You
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