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[ROM] Dirty Unicorns 4.4.4 {moto_msm8960dt}

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Posted 17 July 2014 - 04:44 AM


Dirty Unicorns (DU) is a custom ROM originally based off AOKP, but now based from OmniROM. DU brings you a great mix of stability and customization. The idea to start a ROM like this was purely out of boredom, but later turned into a form of an addiction, a good one. We began to have fun while still doing things the right way. By doing so, we received high praise from not only our users but by fellow developers of other ROMs that also enjoy seeing things done the right way. This ROM will always be free of charge without any strings attached or any of it's developers luring you into donating, or any form of "pay to flash".

"Give credit and thanks where it's due!" That's something that has fueled the way we do things! With that said, we would like to go ahead and credit those individuals and groups that have made this ROM possible with their original code and contributions to the Android community.....

| OmniROM | AOKP | ChaOS | ParanoidAndroid | SlimROM | Preludedrew | Team Black Out | Official Testers / Translators |

Believe it or not, we are human and we do forget things. If we have left someone out of the credit/thanks list, just PM us and we'll gladly add on to the list.


-- Built-in ad blocker (able to update hosts on the fly)
-- Ability to disable FC notifications
-- Enable pointer/user microphone options (screen record)
-- Download Center (Gapps, Xposed, etc)
-- Ability to force Expanded Notifications
-- Over 100 cloud based wallpapers
-- Facebook Sync Hack
-- Immersive mode
-- Hot Reboot In Power Menu
-- Appbar (app sidebar)
-- Customizable Quick Settings
-- Customizable power menu
-- Customizable lockscreen shortcuts
-- App Ops access in Settings
-- TRDS (built in theme in settings)
-- Statusbar Clock options
-- NavBar Options
-- Halo (multi-tasking tool)
-- Halo size/color changer
-- Hardware key remap mod (only for HW button devices)
-- Battery Bar / Circle batteries
-- Network speed indicators in statusbar
-- SuperSU (chainfire)
-- Build.prop mods
-- Init.d Tweaks
-- Active Display (Moto X notifications)
-- ListView Animations
-- Custom System Animations
-- Toast Animations
-- Custom BusyDialog
-- Advanced Low Battery Indicator options
-- ScreenShot QuickTrash
-- Color Changing PhaseBeam
-- Gesture Anywhere
-- Button Light Notification
-- Statusbar Color options
-- OmniSwitch (multi-tasking tool)
-- Driving Mode
-- Lockscreen theme options
-- Lockscreen notifications / options
-- System App Remover
-- Identicons
-- Suspend Actions
-- Wakelock Actions
-- SlimROM based recents
-- Contextual notification panel headers
-- SlimROMs privacy guard
-- Blacklist calls/sms

-- And much much more, just take a peek in Dirty Tweaks for yourself and ENJOY!!!

7.7 - https://github.com/D...sm8960dt-common

- Make sure you have a custom recovery
- Wipe everything but your external/internal storage
- Flash ROM
- Flash the recommended GAPPS
- Reboot and ENJOY!

- Nothing that I know of as of right now, but feel free to report something on our G+ community.


 [B][U]7.7 - 07/06/14[/U][/B]
-- Updated the ASCII art for flashing
-- Theme chooser
-- Heads up
-- Ability to disable immersive messages
-- Blacklist/configurable timeout for heads up
-- New sound recorder
-- Roboto Fonts from Android L
-- Updated SuperSU to v2.01

For a more detailed changelog, feel free to check out our Gerrit or Github. 
 [B][U]7.6 - 06/21/14[/U][/B]
- Update to Android 4.4.4
- Added few toggles/tile (ad-blocker, halo, camera, compass, navbar, etc)
- QS Fliptile animation
- Pattern size upgrade for pattern lockscreen
- Option to reset battery stats
- Fixed Italian camera derp
- Updated SuperSU to v2.00
- Many under the hood changes 

For a more detailed changelog, feel free to check out our Gerrit or Github. 
 [B][U]7.5 - 06/14/14[/U][/B]
-Update to 4.4.3_r1.1
-Enabled appointment details in Calendar
-Kernel Tweaker Removed
-Halo Color
-New HALO drawables for KK
-ART fixed (Thanks Google!)
-Show Seconds next to StatusBar Clock
-InCallUI: Add "Answer Via Speakerphone" Glowpad Target
-Launcher3: Icon pack support
-Launcher3: Add custom hotword detection
-OmniSwitch: Fixes and improvements
-Added JB-like battery icon
-Fix volume rocker to skip tracks
-New Ad blocker
-Implement App circle sidebar
-Multi-Floating windows
-Implement SIM card management
-DownloadManager: add support pause/resume/stop notifications
For a more detailed changelog, feel free to check out our Gerrit or Github. 
[B][U]7.1 - 05/08/14[/U][/B]
-Bug fixes
[B][U]7.0 - 04/11/14[/U][/B]
-Enabled USB OTG on ROM side (seek kernel that supports for full support)
-Added Slim & OmniSwitch Recents
-Added built-in Kernel Tweaker
-Added a 45 sec display sleep timer option
-Improved status bar color changer
-Added bionic, dalvik, and system optimizations
-Enabled gesture lockscreen
-Added in SMS Tasks
-Updated SuperSU
-Added On-The-Go feature (including QS Tile)
-Holo Blue genocide
-Enabled Recents background color changer
-Added in DU Clock
-Added in more (and new) animations
-Added in lock screen handle customization
-Added in contextual notification panel header
-Updated links in DU Download Center
-Tons of bug fixes 
For a more detailed changelog, feel free to check out our Gerrit or Github. 
[U][B]6.0 - 1/31/14[/B][/U]
-Added Lockscreen Glowpad Torch
-Added National Data Roaming
-Enable Browser Incognito Mode
-Added OmniSwitch
-Added Driving Mode
-Added Identicons
-Implement Noise Suppression for calls
-Added the DU Easter Egg
-Updated to latest TRDS
-Added Slim’s Privacy Guard
-Added HFM (Host File Manager)
-Enabled configurable volume panel
-Enabled gesture lockscreen
-Provided option to disable safe volume warning
-Provided option to enable notification light when screen is on
-Built in SuperSU
-Added Breathing SMS/Call/Voicemail
-Added Flip to Mute/Reject Calls
-Enabled Force Expanded Notifications
-Enabled Volume Rocker control options
-Added StatusBar / Lockscreen colors and image
-Performance enhancements
-Tons of bug fixes

For a more detailed changelog, feel free to check out our Gerrit or Github.

ROM LINK - DU for Moto X
GAPPS - PA_Gapps_4.4.4_signed.zip
DU GAPPS - DU_TBO_Gapps.zip

Google+ community - https://plus.google.....28866939227235
Please keep in mind that in our Google+ community, we like to post test builds to fix bugs and/or gauge what the user would like to see in this ROM. With that in mind, if you would like to test out an experimental build (which might not be stable), please check out our G+ community.

Github source (4.4.x) - https://www.github.c...Unicorns-KitKat

Gerrit review - http://gerrit.dirtyunicorns.com/

If you would like to submit a patch to our ROM, please use our gerrit as pull requests often go unnoticed.
All patches are welcomed and reviewed in a timely matter



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