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[Recovery] Safestrap Recovery V3.0 [11/20 RC1 3.05.17] [All Versions]

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 09:24 PM

Original Post from Hashcode. App and Recovery by Hashcode. Reposting only.

SAFESTRAP v3.05 RC1 (2nd-System Bootstrap / Recovery)

** INSERT STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible for any damage you do to your phone using my tools. Always have a fastboot available for disaster recovery. **

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(current version: 3.05.17)

md5sum: 5d7b64d9eef8a31e9f95ba378c2be921

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[ DOUBLE-CHECK you have the RAZR-HD(usable on ATRIX-HD) version ]

  • [11/20] (3.05.17) Bugfix for /data/media mounting in recovery/ROMs
  • [11/15] (3.05.16) Paid Apps fix
  • [11/08] (3.05.12) Atrix-HD touch support
  • [11/08] (3.05.09) Revamped loopback devices, testing fix for paid apps
  • [11/07] (3.05) BETA build for RAZR-HD
  • [10/17] (3.05) Fixed SD card / emmc sharing in recovery (UMS)
  • [10/17] (3.05) Fixed recovery installation/removal from ROM-slots
  • [10/14] Updated to v3.04 BETA.
  • [10/14] Recovery is now based off TWRP (fully featured touch-based recovery)
  • [10/14] Can create up to 4 Virtual ROM-slots to flash ROMs to and when "Active" ALL TWRP functions affect that ROM-slot (For example: Flashing .zips, Backup and Restore)
  • [10/14] Nearly instant swapping from ROM to ROM
  • [10/14] User selectable data partition sizes during ROM slot creation: 1GB, 2GB or 3GB
  • [10/14] ROM slots are saved on the internal emmc space so that preinstall and webtop partitions are no longer used and shouldn't break OTAs.
  • [10/14] Charging in recovery
  • [10/14] Supports "Reboot Recovery" from Android OS
Entry to recovery via Splashscreen on boot-up. The screen stays up for around 8-10 seconds and if you hit the menu button, it takes you to Safestrap Recovery.

  • Stock flashing is currently disabled. This is by design.
  • The entire TWRP team who has built an AMAZING recovery system.
  • The testers (BigDX) which have helped in past and present versions of Safestrap, knowing that it could mean they brick their devices.
As always, let me know what you think!
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