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Posted 22 December 2012 - 07:55 AM

A few tweaks you can mess around with.
If you are into achieving a better visual experience on the GS3, download the script at the bottom of this post!

[Mod] Hold menu to kill. Tested on d2vzw tw jb. Link-

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A subtle detail in contrast. TW only..Use SQLite and go to the com.android.providers.settings- system database. There you will find high_contrast. Set it to 1 or higher. This setting may be lost after reboot. If it holds after a reboot, your phone will boot in inverted colors. Turn the screen off and back on and the colors will return to normal and continue using the higher contrast setting. This option isn't available in CM10.

Quicker response and app loading
dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags= =m=y,o=y

Better overall system response. Add each of these values separately. You can also set this to "dyn" but found entering them separately provided better results.
debug.composition.type = gpu
debug.composition.type = cpu

Disable scrolling cache for faster scrolling.
persist.sys.scrollingcache = 4

More accurate + sharper rendering.
persist.sys.smoothscrollbar = true

Helps diminish screen ghosting such as text drag and other obvious things.
dev.pm.gpu_samplingrate = 1

Less logging is more speed
debug.mdpcomp.logs = 0
logcat.live = disable

A debatable setting. Some like 0, some like 3. I prefer a setting of 3 as it appears to be a more precise image rendering. 3 will actually produce more video resolution in my testing. I have screenshots to prove it if necessary.
debug.mdpcomp.maxlayer =3

I'm going with Google on this one as it's value is based on screen refresh rate of 60hz. Should not be set to more than 90 but I usually go with 95. It's been said that anything more is a waste of resources.
windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec = 95

I will ad more build.props in the future.

For those who miss the good days of chainfire 3D.... Anti aliasing is here in my script.
This is for TW and ASOP.
Anti aliasing and 32 bytes per pixel. The FPS may also get unlocked on some roms. Download and drop it in your init.d folder + reboot. Using an overclocked GPU is suggested.
FYI.. Using the current script set at a 32 bit color depth with cause a loss of detail in bright white scenes. Also known as blooming. However, this will give the effect of a higher contrast ratio. 24 bit color depth will provide full detail.

Use at own risk. This hasn't been tested on all roms and kernels.

AA at 32 bit color depth

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AA at 24 bit color depth

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A new 4x MSAA Flashable zip is coming soon. Still working on it though.

Thanks guys!

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Posted 23 December 2012 - 09:06 PM

Cool tweaks! I will be keeping an eye on this one. Thanks!

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