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PSA - Update Rolling Out for VZW Galaxy S5, Breaks Root Access

Today, 02:27 PM

Posted By mjs27541 in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Attached File  samsung-galaxy-s5-brilliant.png   282.27K   2 downloads


     Consider this your warning.  An update is rolling out for the VZW Galaxy S5, that along with a host of bug fixes, is apparently also breaking

root access.  Reports are coming in that not even towelroot is able to restore root access after taking the latest update.  The update, which is designated KOT49H.G900VVRU1ANE9, also adds a few new features, such as the ability search for downloaded apps through the stock file manager.  The update does not upgrade the Android version, which remains at 4.4.2.  So to anyone who wants to keep root access on their device, steer clear of this one for the time being.  More details of what is contained in this update are HERE.


Source: Android Authority



  33 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by mjs27541 )


Another Ugly Android Security Vulnerability

29 Jul 2014

Posted By mjs27541 in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Attached File  bad-android-420x215.jpg   13.99K   13 downloads


You really didn't think that my first story in over a month would be good news did you?!?  Researchers at Bluebox have discovered a security vulnerability within Android that could allow malicious code to infect nearly any app on your device.  In a nutshell, Android allows for a variety of security certificates that verify the authenticity of an app, including self-signed certificates that aren't issued by a digital certificate authority.  However, there is another type of certificate, referred to as a hard-coded certificate, that gives the associated app elevated permissions, such as the ability to inject code into other apps.  The main three that have been referenced that use this type of certificate are Adobe, which most likely uses this to allow Flash to act as a plug in for other apps; 3LM, which is a service used on Motorola, Sony, HTC, Samsung, and LG devices among others that can install apps and control system settings; and Google Wallet, which uses the hard-coded certificate to provide secure access to NFC.  The problem is that Android does not verify the authenticity of the security certificates that act as intermediaries between the apps in which code is injected and the original hard-coded certificate that allowed the code to be injected in the first place.  So essentially, an attacker can sign a malicious app with a security certificate that appears to be signed by the original hard-coded certificate but actually isn't, and this will never be cross-checked by Android.  The bottom line is that this is yet another way in which an attacker can gain full access to your device and steal your personal stuff.  Google says they have released a patch to address this, with Motorola being the only manufacturer that has begun to push the patch out so far.  More details about the vulnerability, as well as a link to an app that can determine if your device is vulnerable, can be found HERE.  


Source: PCWorld.com  

  150 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by SamuriHL )


2013 DROID line 4.4.4 change log

14 Jul 2014

Posted By Thach in DroidRzr News and Reviews
Well now that we've begun receiving 4.4.4 for the Droid line, the change log has been posted. It may disappoint some to see that the dialer is still the same. This is actually a requirement that Motorola has to follow. I've attached a screen shot proving that.

But other things have changed and Motorola has posted the logs. Hope everyone enjoys the long awaited update.

Attached File  uploadfromtaptalk1405384013449.jpg   24.31K   62 downloads
Attached File  uploadfromtaptalk1405384025767.jpg   107.32K   66 downloads
Here is the post I spoke of in regards to the dialer.
Attached File  uploadfromtaptalk1405383964136.jpg   70.66K   38 downloads

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2013 Droid Line soak test

07 Jul 2014

Posted By Thach in DroidRzr News and Reviews
On Friday, 4 July 14, soak test emails began going out to 2013 Droid owners. If you remember, this line is still on 4.4 and is said to be making a big jump straight to 4.4.4. Because of this, I'm guessing this is going to be a pretty extensive soak test instead of the quick push and done that we've seen in the past. That's if this soak is for 4.4.4 and not just some quick patch to get ready for it. I could be very wrong on that and only time will tell. Either way, its nice to hear some news on this.

Source: Motorola Feedback Network

Attached File  uploadfromtaptalk1404778736621.jpg   108.03K   28 downloads

Sent from my Droid MAXX

  419 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by SamuriHL )


Self Propagating SMS Worm Found

27 Jun 2014

Posted By mjs27541 in DroidRzr News and Reviews
Attached File  larger-13-HACK-phone-android2.jpg   49.64K   12 downloads
     You didn't really think that just because I/O was this week that there'd be nothing but good news on the Android front did you?!?  A new SMS worm called Selfmite was discovered by security researchers, which has the ability to disseminate itself via SMS message.  Once a user installs the infected APK onto their phone, the worm is able to access the device's contacts and send an SMS to 20 numbers that are stored therein.  You will know you have been targeted when you receive a text message that states, "Dear [NAME], Look the Self-time", followed by a tiny url that links to a file titled TheSelfTimerV1.apk.  That APK contains the worm, and once installed, it will prompt the user to install a version of the Mobogenie app.  Mobogenie is actually a legitimate application that is available through the Play store, and researchers at this point believe the whole point of this worm is to use it to increase the number of Mobogenie installations.  The URL that was hosting TheSelfTimerV1.apk has been shut down by Google, but there is nothing preventing this from popping up again with a different URL.  Since the text message will come from a (presumably) known contact rather than an unknown number, some users may be more inclined to navigate to the link where the initial infected file is hosted.  So if anyone out there still allows unknown source installations on their phones at all times (and if you do, really??) make sure you turn that off.  Because there's enough crap out there without us spreading it.  Seriously.  Read all about this worm HERE. [/size][/font][/color]
Source: Computer World, thanks to cmh714 for the tip!

  611 Views · 0 Replies


RAZR HD/M Unlock Poll

25 Jun 2014

Posted By SamuriHL in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Some of us are curious how many people have unlocked since it was found that the KitKat build allows unlock again.

  1,625 Views · 54 Replies ( Last reply by morrisr3nd )


Highlights from Google I/O Keynote

25 Jun 2014

Posted By mjs27541 in DroidRzr News and Reviews

Attached File  google_io_2014_livestream.jpg   48.73K   17 downloads


     Google's 2014 I/O developer conference kicked off today in San Francisco, and as was widely expected, several big announcements were made during the keynote presentation with regard to the future of Android.  Here are of few of the things that were announced:


- Android 5.0, going by the name of "L", was previewed.  The upcoming version of the OS will feature support for 64 bit computing, a new design which allows developers to incorporate the illusion of depth into their apps, and enhanced notifications that will allow the user to interact with a notification from within another app.  Additionally, Android 5.0 will allow users to set the security level of their phone based on certain parameters such as location or Bluetooth connection.  In other words, you would be able to have a lock screen that is ordinarily secured with a PIN, but have that PIN disabled when your phone is at a secure location (such as your house) or when it is connected to a trusted Bluetooth device.  The PIN lock would be re-enabled if one of the user defined parameters that disables the lock screen is not met.


- New details of the Android Wear platform were released.  The LG G watch was put on display, and used to show off an always on display that displays notifications, as well as the ability to set reminders that are automatically synced to your Android phone.  The G watch can be controlled by voice, and voice commands can be used to conduct a Google search as well as launch and interact with apps.  The SDK for Android Wear will be made available to developers today, and both the LG G watch and the Samsung Gear Live will go on sale today.  The Moto 360 smartwatch will be made available "later this summer"


- Android Auto was presented.  The platform will cast a simplified interface from your Android phone to the screen in your car, and will provide context based information such as time and traffic conditions to your destination.  As with Android Wear, Android Auto will be voice controlled.  The SDK will be released to developers "soon", and so far Google has gotten 40 auto manufacturers on board in support of the platform.


- Android TV got some time and attention as well.  The platform will be displayed via a simplified UI that displays shows, apps, and games.  As with the other platforms, Android TV will be voice controlled, with the additional ability to control certain TV functions with your Android phone, tablet, or Android Wear device.  Android TV will bring Google Play Games to the big screen, with support for multiplayer games that can be played with various devices such as a traditional controller, phone, or tablet.  A few television manufacturers, Sony and Sharp being the biggest, have pledged to have Android TV built in to upcoming sets, while Razer and Asus have stated they will manufacture set top boxes.


- An Android for Work program was announced.  Google is making a push to get deeper into the enterprise market, and this initiative will allow users to segregate work data and apps that need to be kept to a certain security standard from their everyday user apps and data.  Android for Work will be compatible with devices running Android 4.0 and above.


     There was much more announced and detailed than what I've described above, particularly with respect to Chromebooks and Chromecast devices. Undoubtedly there will be more to report on as I/O continues into tomorrow, but if you want to catch up on what was presented today, THIS would be a good place to start. 


Source: Wired.com

  418 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by johnlgalt )


Motorola sale. 50% off cases and 25% off screen protectors for Moto X and Droid

25 Jun 2014

Posted By Thach in DroidRzr News and Reviews
Attached File  uploadfromtaptalk1403717609312.jpg   54.27K   17 downloads

Another sale has started on the Motorola store. This time they are bringing cases for 50% off and screen protectors for 25% off. This sale is for Droid line and Moto X devices. According to the email, the sale will last through July 17th.

Sent by a Motorola Fanboy

  391 Views · 0 Replies

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