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[How-To] Upgrade From .181 To .211 (Sideload)

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 05:55 PM

The link is broken for the unlocking tool at the bottom of the OP's post. Is there another link?

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 05:58 PM

The link is broken for the unlocking tool at the bottom of the OP's post. Is there another link?

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OP has been updated with the ICS root tool that is pinned in the CDMA development section.

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 09:02 AM

Would this method work on a GSM Razr? I rooted the Razr with this method ->

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so I used motofail but I did not do this step: USE DROID RAZR UTILITY 1.6 (option 1) -

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  • extract the files folder and the .bat file to your desktop of your PC
  • open the .bat file; utility 1.6 command prompt window will open, hit enter and select: OPTION 1 (this will take 8-12minutes)
  • when option 1 completes, your phone will unpackage and begin installing a fresh copy of .181, after Device Setup is complete... its time to root your phone
I just followed the post by Zedomax and rooted it using motofail. I'm using a carrier unlocked GSM Razr XT910 (was currently locked to Fido now unlocked and using on the Telus network). One other question, if I use this leak ->

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on my carrier unlocked Razr would it work? I've looked around and no one seems to know. Also do I have to run a .181 batch version? I'm assuming this is the US version of ICS since my version is not .181.

Summary of questions:
-Do I have to run a fresh batch of .181 files?
-Would the leak ->

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work on my carrier unlocked (Fido now unlocked to work on Telus) upgrade my phone to ICS?

If there's any additional information then I can try to get it for you.
Thanks for the help :)

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 12:33 PM

Howdy folks. I'm sure many have moved on, but I'm still stuck with a RAZR Maxx which won't take the ICS OTA. :-(

I've attempted the method described here, sideload 211 while rooted in GB 181; also using Matt's utility 1.6 to restore to 6.12.181, (root, and unroot as needed) and then then pull down the update with the phone; Matt's utility 1.7 to "pre-pare for "side-load", AND I've even used RSD Lite to flash a stock 181. I actually understand what's going on with the various methods, BUT they ultimately ALL fail when "applying update" in recovery from either external storage OR from cache. Yes, I've 'wiped data/factory reset' and 'wipe cache' partition at all the right times, multipe times, etc. I'm current at bootloader 0a6c, and have seen both recoveries (cereal box and droid on it's side w/ triangle). I'm currently at the more recent recovery, droid w/ triangle. And, the phone runs just fine with what appears to be a stock image of 2.3.6.

The failure always occurs when "applying update", from either location, as

updating LTE ...
assert failed: motorola.motoflash("/tmp/lte.img")
E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip
(Status 7)
Installation aborted.

I believe there is something missing from the bloatware! This phone may have been rooted previously, using who knows what method, and who knows what might have been done while root. Yes, I can successfully root AND unroot 2.3.6 using Utility 1.6 as needed. Whatever is "stuck" or "missing" is NOT fixed by either a fastboot load of stock 181 OR RDS Lite of the same; or rooting and unrooting. (Utility 1.6 does not restore cdrom and logo.bin, but RDS Lite from the sbf files does, of course.) And, yes, I'm checking the MD5 on all files used, both on the phone and when I transfer them to/from the PC. I don't believe I've encounted any corrupt file issues along the way.

Any clues about how to "brute force" past this? Or, does anyone know of a solution to this particular Status 7 problem? I'm starting to explore a bit with OTA Verifier by Scary Alien. Hopefully that will provide some insight. Also, is there a master list of exactly WHAT bloatware should be installed in a stock 181 load? And, maybe sources for the missing bloatware files, if any?

What about using RDS Lite to flash the 4.0.4 sbf directly? (My fear here is that if it flashes the boatloader first, BUT doesn't complete the flash of ICS, then I've bricked the phone...)

Any clues, guidance, and/or wisdom appreciated! ;-) Thanks in advance!

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