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#104361 Droid Razr Utility 1.82 [Windows] For Verizon Droid Razr And Droid Razr Maxx...

Posted by mattlgroff on 01 October 2012 - 07:10 PM


Please Note: This is ONLY for the Verizon DROID RAZR and the Verizon DROID RAZR MAXX which are running the Ice Cream Sandwich already. If you are on Gingerbread or Jellybean you cannot use this to upgrade or downgrade, you will brick.

DROID RAZR Utility 1.82

Functions of 1.82:

  • Fastboot Restore 6.16.211 (ICS 4.0.4 Official OTA Software). Put the phone into AP Fastboot mode and run the option. (Power the phone on with holding both volume buttons + power button.)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Root 4.0.4. This root exploit by the awesome Dan Rosenberg roots our ICS 4.0.4. Have your phone plugged in with USB Debugging enabled and the USB Mode set to MTP or Camera. (If Devices
    still not found, please factory reset your phone for the root to work, this is of course if installing the drivers did not work).
  • Install Voodoo's OTA Rootkeeper App (Updated). With the phone booted and on USB Debugging enabled (not USB Mode Mass Storage as well), this will install the app.
  • Install Safestrap Recovery App (ICS version 2.11). With the phone booted and on USB Debugging enabled (not USB Mode Mass Storage as well), this will install the app.

Help! Blah blah is not working!

  • Read the instructions included
  • Read the instructions included.
  • Read the instructions included
  • Read the 1.7 Help Thread.
  • Go into the chatroom.
  • Post in a help thread.
  • Please do not contact me directly your question has probably been answers a million times already :)
    But if you have to... then I guess go for it. I prefer email to Private Message: mattlgroff@gmail.com

1.82 Download Deprecated. Grab the latest here:




If you are feeling generous and want to help me to afford some more phones to work with or for me to go and have a nice dinner, I have a link in my signature for that. I do not charge for this utility and I never will. Free forever :)
Thanks for supporting and using my programs! I love http://www.droidrzr.com/ and consider it my android home.

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#209407 [Rom][CDMA/GSM][Jb .16] Rage Rom v3.3 *Update* (7/14/2013)

Posted by TeamRage on 23 February 2013 - 11:03 PM


The BEST and MOST TALKED ABOUT stock ROM, made by one of the most popular devs here! :)

ONLY FOR THE JB 98.72.16 (OTA Version)

Dev Disclaimer:

The tweaks included in this ROM are exclusive to this ROM and may NOT be used by anyone without permission. The ROM itself, stripped of all tweaks may be used as a base as long as permission is asked prior to posting.

Rage ROM Mods:,


noname81 - LMT Launcher (Pie Controls)
prstorero - gps toggle fix
KrYpToNiTe - 1% battery and toggles
Nitro - original toggles
andlaw - power menu mod (reboot menu)
tomtreas - sending me a system dump
wacocapretto - tester & screenshots

I am not responsible for your phone imploding on itself or dividing by 0 or starting thermo-nuclear war with North Korea!


4.2.2 Gallery will FC when you try to edit a picture.


Goo Manager Support (OTA Push Notifications)

BEATS By Dre Audio Enhancement (Credit Rockodev)

Improved GPS Lock and Accuracy

Modified YouTube with "Download" button (Credit OsamaGhareeb)

Fully Deodexed

Super Debloated

Full init.d supporT

PIE Controls (Credit noname81)

Fully Themed Messaging App

New wallpaper (thanks to wacocapretto)

Battery Saver init.d tweaks

Koush's Superuser App (Credit Koushik Dutta)

1% Battery Mod

Notification Pulldown Toggles baked in

Gapps baked in

Added Apex Launcher

Added Ad-Free

Added Apollo Music Player

Extreme build.prop tweaks

Increased Dalvik VM Heap Size

Disabled Kernel Logging for speed

You Must Be On The Jelly Bean Kernel 98.72.16 To Flash This Rom!!!

Activate ANY ROM Slot
Go into SafeStrap (3.07 or 3.11)
Delete Rom Slot 1
Recreate Rom Slot 1
Wipe "System"
Factory Reset
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik Cache
Flash ROM

CDMA Rage Rom v3.3
Size: 314.8MB


GSM Rage Rom v3.3 Size: 314.8MB




If you like my work and would just like to show your appreciation. Please click the "Like" button!!!!

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#40492 Droid Razr Torrents - FAST DOWNLOAD -*New*OTA.JB.Build.98.72.16 for ICS &...

Posted by MartyChubbs on 01 May 2012 - 06:50 PM

I search and share so you don't have to... I did not develop anything or modify from original source unless the developer approved. Please don't install unless you know what you are doing or are familiar with the file. Mirrors are a #$@* sometimes...if the community seeds, then we don't need no stinking mirrors! Everything you need or may need one day:Hope you likey, if so hit da button!

Check status of the torrent trackers via here:


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#244281 [ROOT] Motochopper: {WARNING: No longer works on newer builds}

Posted by djrbliss on 09 April 2013 - 08:58 AM

After publishing yesterday's Motorola bootloader unlock tool, I feel bad that some people are running the unrooted 4.1.2 build for Razr HD. Let's fix that.

This exploit will root the Razr HD, Razr Maxx HD, Atrix HD, Photon Q, and Razr M, regardless of what build (LONG SINCE NOT TRUE) they're running. While these are the only supported Motorola devices, it will also root lots of other non-Motorola devices...feel free to try it and see. ;-)

But first, I thought I'd reflect a bit on the state of the rooting/modding community and my involvement in it. I published my first Android root exploit almost two years ago for the Droid 3 (it also re-rooted a number of other earlier devices). Since then, I've rooted every major Motorola device that's been released, including the Bionic, Razr (multiple times), Droid 4, Xoom 2, Atrix HD (multiple times), Razr HD, and Razr M. With the release of this exploit, every major Motorola device in existence has a viable public root method, and the most recent models now have an unlocked bootloader.

I see this as the end of an era for Motorola rooting and modding. At this point, it is significantly more difficult to find vulnerabilities that may be used to root Motorola devices than when I started two years ago, due to fixes for the all the bugs used in previous exploits. It has gotten to the point where there may not be a "next time" for publishing a Motorola root exploit. Of course vulnerabilities still exist, but as the pool of bugs shrinks, the number of people capable of finding them grows smaller and the time investment required increases. As a result, I have no plans to continue publishing Motorola root exploits after this release.

I have hopes that the acquisition of Motorola by Google will gradually lead to changes in policy allowing more open devices. If it doesn't, I encourage everyone to speak with your wallets when purchasing your devices: if an unlocked device is important to you, buy an unlocked device instead of expecting someone to accomplish a difficult hack.

The Motochopper exploit is attached to this thread. It may be used as follows:

  • Extract the entire contents of the zip file.
  • If you are using Windows, ensure you have installed the latest Motorola USB drivers available for your phone.
  • Ensure USB Debugging mode is enabled on your device.
  • If you are using Windows, navigate to the extracted directory and execute "run.bat". If you are using Linux or OS X, navigate to the extracted directory in a terminal and execute "./run.sh".

As always, future OTA updates may remove the ability to regain root access, so proceed with caution when updating. Enjoy!



PLEASE NOTE (Only for July OTAs without Unlocks):

IF you have received and installed the recent July OTA updates for either the RAZR HD, HD Maxx or RAZR M and HAVE NOT unlocked your bootloader - Proceed to the following appropriate thread in order to obtain root to have your hopes completely smashed.




QUESTION: I'm on blah blah blah release and want to unlock but it's been patched in my version.  Can I downgrade and unlock?






Otherwise DOWNLOAD:

Attached Files

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#157848 {ROM}Fuzion Rom [2-14-13] w/ Utility! R.S.E Rom 2/7/13

Posted by TeamFuzion on 30 December 2012 - 01:09 PM


Posted Image
From the makers of Full Throttle And LicoRice Comes
a Sweet new rom with features never seen

Only you are responsable for what you do to your phone.

(This is a droidrzr exclusive)

Rom Features
  • Deodexed
  • Debloated
  • Deblured
  • Zipalign
  • Init.d
  • Extra Govenors
  • Extra I/O scedulars
  • Overclocked to 1325 (setable in rom tool box)
  • ADBD
  • Pull Down Toggles
  • Reboot Menu
  • Inverted calendar
  • Inverted Play Store
  • Inverted Google Now
  • Custom Theme
  • Apex Launcher
  • Super SU
  • CPU sleeper
  • Center clock
  • 1% battery
  • FUZION tools
  • FUZION wallpapers
  • FUZION boot Animation
Special thanks to the following
  • lownslow200sx- working all night on a fix
  • prstorero- his hard work and dedication for toggles, 1% battery, reboot menu, and building the utility
  • gunthermic- Inverted Play,Google Now http://rootzwiki.com...223-gunthermic/
  • Hashcode- odex base and update script
  • mattlgroff- adbd, allowing me to use his scripts as a reference for our utility, and hosting the rom
  • chainfire- supersu
  • Whirleys for the extra govs and schedulers.
  • android does-apex launcher
  • Jrummel16- start up tweaks and rom toolbox lite
  • dustinb17- Original Full Throttle Theme
  • Jaekar99- Boot Animation
  • Rinkle- Killer wallpapers!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 24V- he the man! and always there for help!
  • travp624- inverted Calendar, Email, You Tube, Google Plus, Google Music
  • Thach- Full Throttle wallpapers
  • Nitro- OG toggles on ICS
  • HSD-Pilot GSM patch
  • sparkyman- info on custom settings and lockscreen
You must be on JB Kernel to flash this rom.
Safestrap 3.07 or 3.11 must be used to flash this rom

Install Insructions
  • Download ROM from link provided below

  • enter safestrap

  • create rom slot

  • Wipe system,data,delvik cache and cache

  • install ROM

  • Reboot
After setting up phone reboot 2 times to enable all tweaks.


Flash all add ons after set up

Download linksIf you would like to donate to anyone involved in making this ROM pm them and ask how.

Hit the like button if you enjoyed our hard work_____
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#60120 Droid Razr Utility 1.7 [For Ics And Those Who Want To Go To Ics]

Posted by mattlgroff on 22 June 2012 - 02:01 AM


For assistance see the help thread: http://www.droidrzr....17-help-thread/

Thanks W0017roid for the video!

I do not want anyone stuck with this. Please please please, put the 6.16.211 update zip on your external SD card before doing ANYTHING!

If you do an option and end up in a semi-bricked state awaiting install and you don't have the update on your external SD card you aren't gonna have a good time.

It will NOT magically appear there by itself.

Droid Razr Utility 1.7

I mean for this utility to be used by those who are on Gingerbread and want to go to Ice Cream Sandwich (6.16.211), and for those who are on Ice Cream Sandwich and want an easier unbricking tool and rooting tool that includes ICS versions of Bootstrap, Safestrap, and the beloved OTA Rootkeeper by Voodoo.

Functions of 1.7:


1. Self explanatory, hopefully. Fail-proof. (Just need you to put 6.16.211 update on your SD card!)

2. Implementation of my Unstuck Utilities into one simple function.

3. Dan Rosenberg's new ICS 4.0.4 Root method.

4. My implementations of TPSparky's 4.0.3 root method. You can use option 8 to use this root method, and option 9 after (if you choose).

5. Self explanatory.

6. Self explanatory.

7. Self explanatory.

8. For use with the 4.0.3 root method (option 4).

9. For use with the 4.0.3 root method (option 4).


Deprecated. Grab the latest at http://batakang.com/dr_utility.php

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#260239 [ROOT] Motoshare 2: Old Bug, New Exploit

Posted by djrbliss on 22 April 2013 - 01:25 PM

As promised, this post describes how to root the Droid Bionic Jelly Bean build. It should also work on the XT910 Jelly Bean build, but this hasn't been tested yet. Fortunately for Bionic and XT910 owners, I was able to modify Motoshare, which was originally created for the Atrix HD, to work for these devices. My plans to stop looking for new Motorola exploits have not changed at this time, so don't read into this too much.

The exploit requires setting up a special Samba share and mounting this share on your phone using the Files app. I apologize that this process may seem involved for some of you, and request that members of this community help each other out if some of you are having problems completing the procedure. I'm not able to provide individual tech support to every user who wants to root this phone.

A Windows version of this exploit is not possible for technical reasons. Please don't waste anyone's time by asking about a Windows version.
EDIT by SamuriHL
Rapitharian has put together an image and some instructions for those who are having trouble:  
Marty45714 put together another one:
The following instructions require a working Linux installation. The following instructions are for Ubuntu. If you don't want to install Ubuntu permanently on your machine, I suggest using a LiveCD installation. Instructions on setting this up are described here:


A 32-bit distribution is recommended.
Once you're booted into Ubuntu, open a terminal.
If you are using a 64-bit Linux distribution, you'll need to install 32-bit compatibility libraries in order to use the ADB binary bundled with the exploit. You may skip this step if you're using a 32-bit distribution.

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Create a new directory for your Samba share:

mkdir /tmp/share

Next, install the samba package:

sudo apt-get install samba

Edit the configuration file for samba:

sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf

Add the following lines to the end of the configuration file and save your changes:

path = /tmp/share
available = yes
valid users = guest
read only = yes
browsable = yes
public = yes

Close the text editor once you've saved your changes.

Next, create a user for the Samba share by typing in the terminal:

sudo useradd guest -m -G users

Set a password for the new user. Remember this password:

sudo passwd guest

Provide a password here and press enter. You won't see the characters you're typing, so be careful.

Next, set a password on the share. Use the same password you just provided:

sudo smbpasswd -a guest

Type the password you created before and press enter.

Next, restart the Samba server:

sudo restart smbd

Finally, download and prepare the required files to the Samba share:

cd /tmp/share
wget http://vulnfactory.org/public/motoshare2.tgz
tar xvf motoshare2.tgz
sudo chmod 755 run.sh

At this point, you'll need to know the IP address of your Linux host, which you can get by running "ifconfig" from your terminal (it should be of the form "192.168.x.x").

Next, move over to your Android device. Ensure you have enabled USB Debugging Mode (under Settings -> Development Settings). Ensure your device is connected via Wifi.

Open the "Files" app, and select "Remote storage". Click "Add storage", and fill in fields as follows:

Host IP address:        [your Linux machine's IP address]
Domain name:            WORKGROUP
Shared folder name:     share
User:                   guest
Password:               [the password you created above]

At this point, the phone will mount your Linux share. To complete the process, plug in your phone via USB to your Linux machine, and type the following in your Linux terminal:

cd /tmp/share/
sudo ./run.sh

Follow the instructions in the exploit. Congratulations, enjoy your rooted device.
I can't stress this enough: I can't provide individualized tech support for everyone on this forum. Please help each other.
In light of recent events, I've donated $100 of your donations to One Fund Boston (https://onefundboston.org/), a fund set up for the families of those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. I encourage all those thinking of donating to me to consider donating to a reputable charity organization instead (or in addition).

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#172227 [XT-912 ONLY][ROOT][Windows] Razr Blade: Droid Razr 4.1 JB root exploit

Posted by djrbliss on 15 January 2013 - 02:54 PM

Razr Blade, an exploit that gains root access on the Motorola Droid Razr running 4.1 (Jelly Bean), is available at:


To run the exploit (currently Windows only), download and extract the entire zip file, ensure your device is connected via USB, ensure you have the latest Motorola USB drivers installed, ensure USB debugging mode is enabled on your device, and double-click "run.bat".


Please do not re-host or modify this exploit without asking permission first, since this makes support difficult and annoying.

Dan (@djrbliss)

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#48417 [Rom][Razr - Cdma] Koa Rom (Cm9) - (7/22/2012)

Posted by Guest on 25 May 2012 - 06:24 PM



Built from CM9 Source Thanks to DHacker, Hashcode, DroidTh3ory, Google, Android, Cyanogen, AOSP

for making all of this possible!


Personal Thanks:

I would personally like to thank the following people in no particular order:

andlaw: for being an awesome dev and making me want to get back in the game

Van: for bringing smiles to my face when I was stressed out, even after all he's been through.

Matt: for his knowledge and insight

Alex, Russ, Gerland, Aaron and DemoManMLS: for being my testers and not being mad about having to wipe data every time lol. Thanks Guys! Would also like to thank all the other developers here. EmericanX and anyone else. If I forgot to add your name, it's not personal. There are just so many great devs and it's hard to remember all your names lol.

If you would like to donate to me, please send me a PM with your email address and how much you would like to donate. It's NOT needed but greatly appreciated. At least click the like button please? By donating, you get the following perks:

1. Download links PM'd to you before they're posted

2. A chance to test any ROMs or Themes that need testing

3. Your name added to every OP as a "contributor."











Myself, Droidrzr.com, DHacker, Hashcode, nor anyone else, is responsible for what YOU DO TO YOUR PHONE! You take on ALL RESPONSIBILITY by flashing this ROM and the gapps package.

So what exactly is KOA ROM?

KOA ROM is a custom ICS ROM built by me from dhackers CM9 source which can be found here:


KOA ROM is a ROM that will stand out. It has features, speed tweaks and battery tweaks that no other ICS ROM has right now for the RAZR.

Some of those features include:

CM9 Calendar on Lockscreen

CM9 Lockscreen Weather

Data on boot

Full Beats Audio - (Flashable Zip)

Chrome Browser

Google Music for default Music Player

*Apollo Music App

*CM Wallpapers

CPU Sleeper App

Apex (free) as default home launcher

Full init.d support

3G speed tweaks

GPS Speed tweaks (better connection, faster lock-on)

Disabled kernel logging for speed.

CM9 Theme Chooser

Requirements before flashing:

Safestrap 2.11: https://dl.dropbox.c...ap-ICS-2.11.apk

Be on a leak (.75 .79 .84 .85 .203 .204 .206 .208 .209 .210 .214 .215) Or official ICS Build .211

Have a working nand backup!!!!!

Known Issues:

Cropped resolution for screenshots and tasker, also when rotating screen.

3G on boot doesn't work for everyone (worked for 4 testers and myself)

Some games will have issues, if you find one that does, please post here.

Also check the TIPS AND BUG LIST. Post #3

What works?

Everything - Including Netflix

What doesn't work?




Screen rotation bug


Setting up safestrap: (only if you're just now installing safestrap, if you already have it installed jump to the "install instructions" section)

Download KOA ROM

Download gapps package

Place ROM and gapps package on external or internal sdcard

Install the Safestrap apk

Open the apk and install the recovery

Reboot, then press the Menu button on your phone to boot into the recovery

Now in recovery, select "safe boot menu"

Now select "Toggle Safe System"

Now select "Yes-Enable Safe System"

Wait for it to do its thing.

Back out to the main menu of the recovery

Select "mounts and storage"

Select "format /system"


Select "wipe data/factory reset"

Select "wipe cache partition"

Select "advanced"

Select "wipe dalvik cache"

Install Instructions:

Download ROM and gapps from links provided below.

Place ROM and gapps on your external or internal sdcard (remember where you put them)

Reboot into recovery

Wipe data/factory reset

Wipe cache partition

Wipe dalvik cache

Flash ROM

Flash gapps



Upon reboot, wait for about 30-45 seconds, 3G (4G if you're in a 4G area) SHOULD start on boot.

Proceed with device setup.


Download KOA ROM_7/22/2012:


Download GAPPS:


Download Beats Audio (flashable zip):


Click the "Thanks" button over here please! ---------------------------------------------------------------vvvvvvv

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#72521 Droid Razr Utility 1.81 [Windows] For Verizon Droid Razr/maxx Only!

Posted by mattlgroff on 12 July 2012 - 12:34 PM

Go to the pinned 1.82 Utility instead.
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#99555 [Rom][Cdma][Cm10][Non-Kexec] Koa Resurrection (11/30/2012)

Posted by Guest on 23 September 2012 - 01:25 AM

Posted Image

KOA is the Hawaiian word for "Soldier."

I would like to thank the following people for making this possible (in no particular order):
dhacker and hashcode for making these base builds.

andlaw for being the other half of the 808BoyZ and for helping me out with stuff along the way.
mattlgroff for being an inspiration and keeping me on my toes.
Vantenkeist for being a friend when I need one and not letting me stop development.
gerland for always asking me when i'm going to come out with another ROM lol and keeping me company in the chat room when i'm waiting to help people out.

And also the following people since there are too many to list reasons for:
If I left your name out, it's nothing personal. I just have so many people to thank that I can't remember everyone!

If you would like to donate to me, please send me a PM with your email address and the amount you would like to donate. They are not needed but are greatly appreciated! If you choose to donate, you are entitled to the following perks:
1. Download links to updates will be PM'd to you before they are posted.
2. A chance to test any ROMs or Themes that I'm working on.
3. Your name added to every OP as a "contributor."


Myself, Droidrzr.com, BDH-ROMs, dhacker, nor hashcode0f are responsible for what YOU do to YOUR phone! By flashing this ROM and the gapps package, you accept all responsibility.

Completely Stable Data!!!!
CPU Sleeper (Shuts down 1 core when the screen is off)
Apex Launcher (Updated to 1.3.1)
Full Init.d Support
CM10 Theme Chooser
Kernel Logging Is Disabled For Speed
Google Play Music
Apollo Music App (as a /data/app *easily removable*)
Calendar On Lockscreen
Weather On Lockscreen
Battery Saving Tweaks
build.prop Tweaks
*Custom Wallpaper in the 9/28 build
Lots more features to come......we're just getting started!

Before Flashing:
Make sure you have the latest version of Safestrap installed!! NO OTHER RECOVERY IS SUPPORTED AND NO BOOTSTRAP WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED!

What Works?
Almost Everything

What Doesn't Work?
FFC Video
Camera Flash

Normal CM10 bugs like the screen rotation shrinkage.
Maybe more, you tell me!

For Safestrap Use / Install:

1. Download ROM and place on sdcard
2. Download the JB Gapps Package and place on sdcard
3. Reboot into recovery
4. Format /system
5. Wipe data/factory reset
6. Wipe cache
7. Wipe dalvik
8. Flash ROM
9. Flash JB Gapps
10. Reboot

Download KOA Resurrection 11/30/2012:

Download Jelly Bean Gapps:

If you like my work, please click the "Like" button over here--------------------------------------------------------vvvvv
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#100533 Black Widow JB ([Aokp/Cm10/CNA ROMs]) 2012-11-21

Posted by andlaw on 24 September 2012 - 08:38 PM

Android is all about choices. .. so here's another three choice's for AOSP ROM!

Credit: Cyanogenmod :: AOKP Developers :: STS-Dev team for the Github commits :: Dhacker for all of the things he does for the android community & answering all my questions on Gtalk :: hashcode for ICS safestrap to flash with :: XDA for all the goodies to learn android :: DroidRZR for the amazing community and the place to call home!!

:: What I have here are three different Developer sets of ROM's to choose from! They are all very popular in terms of stability, better battery, speed, ROM customization, fluidity etc. I have compiled them from STS-Dev team source, so they will have most of the same bugs/issues other JB builds currently have, and then possibly some others.. As with all of my ROM's these are themed very dark., CNA being the darkest! The ROM's come pre-loaded with my BWicons as a system app, it just needs to be enabled through APEX theme settings (this will theme the app icons found within the app drawer). I have put a lot of time into blacking out the entire system ([framework]), apps, and Gapps., and it has been a work in progress for months, and i wont do it any other way, so if you don't like darkness, then this ROM is not for you. If you need fully working bluetooth, this ROM is not for you. If you need HDMI/Webtop, this ROM is not for you.
:: These are still in an alpha stage as in terms of development, but by all means can be used as daily drivers! Known Bugs: Bluetooth bug (when bluetooth is on but not connected to a device = loss of all audio), MMS bug (use GOSMS), and YouTube wont play unless you (open Settings.. General, and enable High Quality on mobile). "so I do ask that if you leave a comment to report a bug, please state [1] Which ROM you are running.. [2] what exactly the issue/bug is in detail, help me help you!" Aloha and Mahalo for the donations and continued support~ BW FTW!!!

Attached File  Information.png   50.01KB   277 downloads ::

Integrated Gapps ([jb-20121011-signed])
Gmail v4.1.2
Maps v6.12.0
Music v4.3.615
Play v3.9.16
Talk v4.1.2
Voice v0.4.2.54
YouTube v4.1.23

AdFree Android
APEX Launcher v1.3.5
APEX Black (skin/wallpaper pack for APEX)
APEX White (skin/wallpaper pack for APEX)
BatteryMod Roboto - 1% accurate battery
BW icons (icon/wallpaper pack for APEX)
Build.prop tweaks (for a fluid/battery sipping experience)
City State ID
CM Theme Chooser
CPU sleeper (power down 1 core while screen is off)
Custom Boot Animations
Custom Boot Logo to replace M-dual core print on boot (found below)
Custom Dark theme
Custom 'Roboto text' Icons (in system/media)
DSP Manager
Easy Voice Recorder
Flash Player 11.1
Full Init.d support (sio/pegasusq by default)
GPS speed tweaks (for a faster GPS lock on)
MaxFPS ([240])
News & Weather
No Frills CPU Control
Root Browser lite
System Panel Lite


Front Facing Camera Video function will cause FC in Gallery *([In-Progress])*
MMS issue seems to be a hit or miss on some devices ([use GOSMS])
Bluetooth on but not connected = loss of all audio ([kernel related])
Screenshots don't capture full screen. ..simply open and edit/crop ([kernel related])
WEBTOP/HDMI - screen rotation is delayed ([kernel related])


You Must be on a Moto ICS system/leak ([.211 | .214 | .215 kernels supported])
You Must use ICS-Safestrap-v2.11 or you will Brick! ([Safestrap-ICS-3.0X is also supported])

Attached File  Installation.png   49.96KB   278 downloads ::

Download and move zip/s to sdcard-ext
Reboot into Recovery ([Safe system: Enabled])

YOU MUST Wipe Data/Factory Reset
Wipe Cache partition
([in Advanced]) Wipe Dalvik cache
([in Mounts and Storages]) Format System
Install zip from sdcard
Flash ROM
Reboot System

Attached File  romdownload.png   52.88KB   294 downloads ::

([ BWAOKP JB ]) :: 2012-11-18 ::
MD5: 5F08A054F7191472DBB2D60291C070E1 *BW-MILESTONE1.zip
eXtra Mods: StockBattery - reboot to recovery, flash, profit. ..

([ BWCM10 ]) :: 2012-11-18 ::
MD5: 5D409DA5A0C015AC2B7CEE54755F9AB4 *BWCM10_v2.3.zip
eXtra Mods: none available at this time. ..

([ BWCNA ]) :: 2012-11-21 ::
MD5: 116CAF46603E1F8F8B72C0FDF3381FF8 *BWCNA.zip
eXtra Mods: StockBattery :: circleMod - reboot to recovery, flash, profit. ..

Attached File  Screenshots.png   51.31KB   289 downloads ::

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Attached File  Themes&Mods.png   51.53KB   248 downloads ::

([ Shadyblue ]) :: CM10 theme chooser theme, by wulf :: click HERE for the thread. ..

([ BWgtalk ]) :: Download, move to sdcard-ext, reboot into recovery, flash BWgtalk ([this contains blacked out JB Gtalk version 4.1.2]) *after you complete first boot!*

([ BWicons ]) :: Download, move into your system/app directory with (rw-r--r--) permissions, open Apex settings theme settings, and apply BWicons. ..

([ GOSMS&Theme ]) :: Download, reboot to recovery, flash zip. After the phone boots up, disable stock mms (or disable the notifications and auto retrieve messages), open GOSMS, hit the menu key and enter themes, and select the ICS theme that has been preloaded = profit.

Attached File  Suggestions.png   51.71KB   220 downloads ::

Open your app drawer and locate and select CPU sleeper, Enable auto-start on reboot and click on 'Start service' 2x to activate. ([this shuts off 1 core while the phone's screen is off to save battery! both cores resume when the screen is turned back on])
Open Apex Settings theme settings, apply BWicons and profit. ([icons/wallpapers])
Go into System Settings, Developer Options ([ change Window & Transition animation scale to: OFF ])
Open AdFreeAndroid, choose Boot Normally, then choose Skip, check-mark the options "Check server for updates daily", and "Automatically Apply Updates" ([ADS SUCK, so why allow them on our phone?])
Open Browser, press menu, open Settings, Labs, and Enable Quick controls ([for a better browsing experience])
Open your system/media directory for custom 'Roboto text' launcher icons ([using apex, long press on the app, edit, change icon])
Open SMSpopup, Notifications- default notifcations, disable the Show a popup, enable notifications. (change icon if you want), then vibrate, can set pattern (i choose custom; 0,800), then can set the LED color.... then go back. then back again. (now your back to main menu) open Additional Settings, turn off Quick Reply, Disable the Button configurations, Disable Screen On for Popup. Enable privacy mode, then check the very last box,.. Restrict Popup!

A truly blacked out experience for the RAZR.
If you enjoy the ROM, please feel free to hit the Like button -----------------VVVVVVVVVV

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#4847 Installing Official 6.12.173.xt912 [Guide]

Posted by arcanexvi on 12 January 2012 - 08:53 AM


(Note on the above. I personally haven't had issues with SS/Bootstrap breaking my ability to apply updates hence the reason that step 2 still exists. It is a safer practice to follow the above but not completely mandatory. Just a heads up because there's a few posts that contradict each other about this. If you're having issues updating, absolutely follow the RSD instructions to repair your ability to update. - Arcanexvi)


EXAMPLE: THE 6.11.748.XT912 ZIP IS AN UPGRADE FOR 6.11.748 TO 6.12.173. - NOT 6.11.744 TO 6.11.748.
Posted Image

It seems there is some confusion on the procedure on how to install this leaked update. I want to clarify for those who want to use it (it has some updated radios, bump in android version to 2.3.6, updated camera, etc).

Step 1: Prerequisite step basically. You must be running stock (current ota updated version to 6.11.748) and still have all your 748 bloat intact etc etc. Anything that you couldn't uninstall without root needs to be on the phone. This includes things like editing the swype files so that you could install betas. If you are not in this boat, chances are extremely good that you are going to fail the current system verification phase and the update will not install. Also, make sure you have 50+% battery. MD5 of the update package (Blur_Version.6.11.748.XT912.Verizon.en.US.zip) should be aa7fe6290c0d3a60253922bac413da02. You've been made aware.

Step 2: Disable Safestrap via the app. You do not have to remove the apk itself, but the system needs to be disabled.

Step 3: Install Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper (free from the market). Open it and hit protect su (all the boxes should be checked green at this point). IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS STEP, YOU WILL NOT HAVE ROOT ON THE NEW BUILD. CURRENT ROOT METHODS DO NOT WORK ON ANDROID 2.3.6+. If you are not currently rooted and want/need to be, you need to root at this point with voodoo protecting root before you proceed.

Step 4: Drop the update file Blur_Version.6.11.748.XT912.Verizon.en.US.zip on your EXTERNAL SD card. File can be downloaded here.

Step 5: Turn off your phone

Step 6: Hold all 3 buttons (power and both vol keys) to turn it back on and select recovery from the menu that pops up (use vol down to scroll, vol up to select)

Step 7: Press Vol+ and - simultaneously to get the on screen menu. This menu behaves like CWM/SS for navigation.

Step 8: Install the update file on your card. It takes a while. It's going to verify both the file and your current system before it proceeds. If your phone fails the current system check (most common) that means something isn't factory in your phone's system files and you'll probably have to use RSD to fix it. (See my FAQ post for the link to how to use that. I'm too lazy to explain that here, or I will be ninja edited to give a link to the Fast boot thread: http://www.droidrzr....fastboot-files/).

Step 9: When the system reboots load up the voodoo app. You'll notice that you no longer have root. Hit restore su.

Step 10: Open Safestrap and enable it again.

Grats. You're rooted/safestrapped and running the most current publicly leaked build 6.12.173.XT912. There's a file that can be used to roll back to 6.11.748 (to get back on the normal upgrade path) in the main thread if you want to return back to whence you came. (Link for Restoring to .748 (normal upgrade path) is here.)

EDIT by mattlgroff: Here are the /preinstall/ folders to replace your current ones if you have uninstalled SafeStrap and are still having issues. Use Root Explorer, delete your preinstall folder and paste in one of these depending on what version you have and it should let you upgrade/downgrade to the version you want to.

6.11.748 Preinstall Files (Provided by mattlgroff. Use these to upgrade from 6.11.748 to 6.12.173 or update to another update/OTA not yet known at this time by replacing preinstall folder to fix Status 7 errors).
MD5: 956dbc149ecc8c8c047dbb25d1ab644b

6.12.173 Preinstall Files (Provided by mattlgroff. Use these to downgrade to 6.11.748 or to update to another update/OTA not yet known at this time by replacing preinstall folder to fix Status 7 errors).
MD5: 6d8eade1e3972382ae605e2f456e024e

If this post was helpful, don't forget the pretty green "Like This" button over here ------------------------------------------------------------------------->
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#30163 [How-To] [Guide] Restore Root After Installing Ics Leak

Posted by PillClinton on 02 April 2012 - 01:03 AM

For those of you who WERE rooted & protected root with Voodoo, installed the ICS leak & subsequently lost root like I did, dhacker29 tweeted out some helpful instructions to remedy the issue!

I did not personally use this method - before it was available, I had already RSD'd. On my second time through the process, I successfully retained root. Therefore this was unneeded (for ME!) All credit goes to dhacker29, I just wrote up the instructions! Thanks man, you're a lifesaver :D

Finally, I'm not responsible for any damage you do to your phone!! Read instructions carefully!

To Restore Root on the Ics Leak (Edited 4/2/12 @ 12:39PM PT):
  • Download Android Terminal Emulator for free from the market.
  • Enter the following commands EXACTLY as you see them listed here:
  • /system/su-backup
  • mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/system /system
  • cp /system/su-backup /system/bin/su
  • ​Exit terminal & reboot.
  • Root should be restored at this point!

Please post in this thread if it worked for you. If so, please hit the LIKE button! :)
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#169512 [ROM] [4.1.2] Aviator Blur - v3.0.9 [11/15/13] Pick Your Own Color!

Posted by ZKK007 on 12 January 2013 - 02:40 PM




(BLUR Current Version 3.0.9)


Hi all,

Fly higher with Aviator! Please do not post this anywhere else without prior permission.


Other Aviator Versions:

Click on icon to got to that Aviator Version OP.



  f2dumJFl.png          9VghfXj.png          QrWHosC.png





I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device. (... nothing should happen)


NOTE: Some of the screenshots show the optional "White" color theme. You'll notice it in the status bar of the screenshots.

Click to



  • Deodexed.
  • Debloated.
  • Zipaligned.
  • Init.d tweaks - Battery and Performance based.
  • ADBD.
  • WiFi hack baked in (Use stock hotspot)
  • Pulldown toggles.
  • 1% battery.
  • Reboot in power menu.
  • Bootloader in power menu.
  • 4.2.2 Keyboard.
  • Volume rocker change music track mod.
  • Animation on notification pull down (hold the bottom bar on pull down) - Pictures removed, but code remains.
  • 10 in-call volume steps.
  • ES File Explorer (Can be uninstalled, not a system app).
  • Titanium Backup (Can be uninstalled, not a system app).
  • Battery Calibration (Can be uninstalled, not a system app).
  • No Frills CPU Control (Baked into settings. I.E. go into settings).
  • CPU Sleeper (Baked into settings. I.E. go into settings).
  • OTA Updater (Baked into settings. I.E. go into settings).
  • Beats Audio (Baked into settings. I.E. go into settings).
  • LED Control (Light Flow Lite) (Baked into settings. I.E. go into settings).
  • Chronus cLock widget (Baked into settings. I.E. go into settings).
  • SuperSU.
  • Apollo Music Player.
  • GPS tweaks.
  • Build.prop tweaks.
  • Aviator Utility (See post 2)
  • Custom theme – Wallpaper, boot animation, 3G/4G icons, and semi-transparency.



STS-Dev-Team - For all that they do/have done.

lownslow200sx – 98.72.8 Deodexed base and general help.
mhous33 - 98.72.16 Deodexed base.
Nitroglycerine33 – OG pull down toggles from ICS.
prstorero – Help with pull down toggles and reboot menu.
mattlgroff – Init.d and ADBD installation.
24v – Pull down animation and general help.
Bytecode – General Help.
Halo13 – Pull down toggle help.
East2West – Port over of volume rocker to JB and overclocking modules.
Dtrial, artur0588, and HSD-Pilot - GSM Patch information.
Travp - inverted calender.
jl90 - Safestrap 3.60 installation help.
If I have forgotten anyone, PLEASE PM me.



  • Transfer ROM zip file to SD card.
  • Reboot into SafeStrap (3.07, 3.11 or 3.6x)
  • Activate a different ROM slot or Stock slot.
  • Delete the ROM slot you want to use.
  • Recreate the ROM slot with desired slot size.
  • Install Aviator ROM file.
  • Reboot after installation.
  • Setup phone.
  • Go into Settings>CPU Sleeper. Check "Enable auto-start on reboot" (First Line), then "Start Service"(Second Line) (Press twice).
  • Let phone settle for 5-10 minutes then reboot for best results.
  • Charge to 100% for battery calibration or use battery calibration app from Play Store.
  • Enjoy!



ZKK007's Public Folder: http://d-h.st/users/ZKK007


Aviator Blur 3.0.9: http://d-h.st/Vf4


(If you are updating Safestrap from 3.11 to 3.6x, you MUST delete the Safestrap folder on your internal SD before you reboot into Safestrap 3.6x for the first time. If you do not manually delete the folder, when you reboot you will get no data and text messaging will force close.)



These are basic color themes which changes only the framework. Do not use the computer utility to remove toggles or install the simple battery. You can still use the overclock function of the utility.


Example of the Yellow Theme:

Click to



  • Flash directly on top of ROM




Aviator Blur v3.0.8: http://d-h.st/udp

Aviator Blur v3.0.7: http://d-h.st/ily

Aviator Blur 3.0.7 Safestrap 3.11: https://mega.co.nz/#...NKpOezNMhOVbOyo

Aviator Blur v3.0.6 for Safestrap 3.11 and 3.60: http://d-h.st/TZG

(Any version below v3.0.6 requires Safestrap 3.11).

Aviator Blur v3.0.5: http://d-h.st/gHo (AOSP Lockscreen, small stability issues)

Aviator Blur v3.0.4: http://d-h.st/yK6

Aviator Blur v3.0.3: http://d-h.st/h5D

98.72.16 BUILD "F22 Edition": http://d-h.st/7W9
98.72.8 BUILD "F18 Edition:" http://d-h.st/URk


Download Wallpaper for "F22 Edition": http://d-h.st/GyM
Download Wallpaper for "F18 Edition": http://d-h.st/uuw



GSM Patch for v3.0.5-v3.0.7: http://d-h.st/Xpr

GSM Patch for v3.0.3, v3.0.4: http://d-h.st/nCf
GSM Patch for "F22 Edition": http://d-h.st/8iS (Updated 04/10/13)
GSM Patch for "F18 Edition": http://d-h.st/424




Click to


Want to show your Aviator Support with a custom Aviator signature image?




Edit your profile and go to signature.

Copy and paste this text:


Save and enjoy! :)


Kanging Policy:

Please feel free to use anything here for your personal, or public use. If you do use something from this thread, all I ask to to be given credit where it is due. You do not need to ask for written permission unless it is otherwise stated as part of a forum's kanging policy.


Don't forget to"Like" -->
Or if you want to Donate, click on signature image :)

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#181852 ([ROM]) BLACK WIDOW HDish v2 (3|17|13)

Posted by andlaw on 24 January 2013 - 12:07 PM


What I have here is a Jellybean [98.72.16] OTA based ROM thats been de-odexed, de-bloated, zipaligned, and I removed as much blur as possible, replacing with AOSP counterparts to ensure a fully working ROM, including SMARTACTIONS!! The main system (framework), google apps, and most of the included apps have been blacked out! This UI is the darkest you will find for the RAZR, and a lot of time has went into theming everything dark, so if your not a fan of darkness, then this ROM is not for you! If you find it being too dark, you can always load an icon pack through APEX theme settings to add some color within the app drawer and homescreen. You Must be on the JB (OTA) system as the kernel is needed to power this custom ROM, and you need to use Safestrap 3.11 recovery to flash the zip~ If you have any suggestions/issues please do feel free to leave your feedback.. as its always greatly appreciated! Aloha and Mahalo for all the donations and continued support! BW FTW!!!!! !!

Attached File  Information.png   53.77KB   1029 downloads

  • Deodexed, Zipaligned, De-bloated and Blur removed!*
  • Integrated Gapps:
  • Gmail v4.2 - Inverted BW edition. ..
  • Maps v6.14.2
  • Play v3.10.9 - Inverted BW edition. ..
  • Talk v4.2 (inverted BW edition under Themes&Mods)
  • YouTube v4.1.23 - Inverted BW edition. ..
  • 1% Accurate battery - for an accurate system readout w/ BatteryMod Roboto
  • Adaway (for an ad free android experience)
  • AOSP Calculator - Inverted BW edition. ..
  • AOSP Calendar
  • AOSP Email w/ Exchange - Inverted BW edition. ..
  • APEX Launcher v1.4.4 - custom/default home launcher, with the ability to load custom icon packs and launcher themes. ..
  • APEX Black - 'skin' to be selected in APEX themes settings. ..
  • Blacked out system - SystemUI/framework-res have been blacked out and themed minimal. ..
  • Blur Messaging - Blacked out 4.1.2 blur Messaging, with white emoji's instead of green ones. ..
  • Build.prop tweaks - for a fluid/battery sipping experience, aka Widow butter. ..
  • BW icons - icon/wallpaper pack for APEX launcher (this will add some darkness in the app drawer with a few wallpapers to choose from)
  • City State ID - shows the location of who's calling you (Areacode)
  • Clock Sync (for quicker GPS lock-on)
  • Custom Bootanimation - based off the stock animation. ..
  • Custom Boot Logo - replaces the red "M" print on boot (included in ROM zip now)
  • Custom Wallpapers 'SexXy Dubstep b!tch' & 'Roboto text' Icons (use a file manager to navigate to system/media directory)
  • DSP Manager v2.0
  • Gallery Google - includes 4.2 Google camera and gallery
  • Google Deskclock - 4.2 Google alarm clock, stop watch/timer and countdown. ..
  • HDMI/WEBTOP support
  • Init.d support (ADBDinsecure, Zipalign on boot, noop/ondemand by default)
  • Motorola blurCamera
  • Motorola Gallery (set this as default for the ability to edit your media. .. since Google's gallery will FC when selecting edit)
  • No Frills CPU-control
  • One More Clock Widget (seen in the screenshot, circles)
  • Power Toggles (open app drawer, locate and open app, enable, and configure which toggles you want in the notification panel)
  • Root Browser Lite
  • SMARTACTIONS (for better system and battery management)
  • Swype (not set as default, can be changed by going into system settings Language & Input)
  • System Panel Lite (for better battery stats)
  • Wifi Hotspot Hack (entitlement check has been disabled)
  • Zipalign on boot (for optimized performance)
  • Zumocast (replaces Motocast functions)

Attached File  Known Issues.png   58.04KB   878 downloads

  • Known to cause blackouts nation wide. ..
  • Devices on wrong system version will get a security error on first boot! see post #4

Attached File  Installation.png   54KB   1165 downloads
Requirements :: on the OTA JB system or Dual.boot using the ICS kernel + ROM compatibility kernel flasher. .. using Safestrap 3.11 Recovery!

([01]) Download and move zip/s to sdcard. ..
([02]) Reboot into recovery. ..
([03]) Create a Nandroid. ..
([04]) Select ROM slot and Wipe ([data/cache/dalvik-cache/system]). ..
([05]) Go back, Choose Install. ..
([06]) Install the ROM zip. ..
([07]) Reboot system to complete install. ..

Attached File  romdownload.png   53.18KB   1108 downloads

([ ROM ]) :: 2013-3-17 :: How-to Install Black Widow HDish on your XT912 device, watch here!
MD5: 25E564203C2A78F919742DA264540426 *BW.98.72.16.XT912.deodexed.v2.final.zip

Attached File  Suggestions.png   56.56KB   1082 downloads

  • Avoid updating apps through Play that have been themed to avoid losing the theme-work, as it will be broken once they are updated (you can choose to uninstall-updates through App Info to return to the previous themed version at any time).
  • Flash HDgtalk; after first boot! no need to wipe~ just flash. ..
  • Leave feedback. .. help me :: help you! and please read posts 1-4 before asking questions, thanks!

Attached File  thanks-n-credit.png   56.1KB   798 downloads

  • Motorola for the hardware and some blur icons edited and used in BW. ..
  • Google for Android and always being there when I have questions. ..
  • XDA for all of the goodies and tutorials to learn android. .
  • Hashcode for the updater script and Safestrap to flash with. .. epic. .
  • BigDaddyHicks for his deodexed base to build from. ..
  • Dhacker for all of the things he does for the community & answering all my questions on Gtalk!!
  • Mattlgroff for his ADBD insecure script, and showing me how to integrate a custom boot logo into the ROM package, and countless other things he does for the community!!
  • Bytecode for his help with setting up custom init.d scripts for the use of extra modules. ..
  • prstorero for the guide on how to Mod the reboot menu into my ROM, and for answering all my questions on Gtalk while doing so. ..
  • 24v for showing me the ropes on how to use Apktool and for creating bad rear end themes for my ROMs!!
  • wulf for always answering my questions and helping me, and for always making bad rear end themes for all of my ROMs!!!
  • Android Does for APEX launcher.. the best android 4.0+ home launcher on the market!
  • CyanogenMod for DSP Manager. ..
  • Koush for the new Superuser app/binaries and for being OPENSOURCE. ..
  • DroidRZR for the amazing community and the place to call home. .. and anyone else who as ever helped along the way!

A truly blacked out experience for the RAZR!
If you enjoy the ROM, please feel free to hit the Like button -----------------VVVVVVVVVV

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#172141 Root achieved for JB OTA RAZR/MAXX XT912 (RAZR Blade)!

Posted by aktrazer on 15 January 2013 - 01:22 PM

This will NOT work on the XT-910!!! Please use the other method. HERE Note: will need to be done in Linux



So our fearless root master, Dan Rosenberg (djrbliss), has successfully achieved root for the JB OTA and it's here first on DR.com! This root exploit is applicable to the RAZR and RAZR MAXX (XT912).

This means all of you who lost root through the OTA update will now be able to root your devices once again.

A huge thanks to Mr. Rosenberg for all his hard work and dedication! He is the first one to achieve root so, as promised, the bounty is his.

Here is a link to the Root Exploit Release and Discussion thread.

Here's the link to the actual root files:
Windows: http://vulnfactory.o.../razr_blade.zip
Linux: http://batakang.com/...blade_linux.zip
Mac: http://batakang.com/...r_blade_mac.zip


-Download the zip file and extract.
-Connect device via USB (Make sure you have the current Moto drivers FIRST!)
-Make sure USB Debug is on
-Make sure you have Smart Actions fully installed, unfrozen and unmodified
-Make sure the phone IS NOT in mass storage mode
-Double click run.bat

-Extract .zip
-Open terminal and cd into the folder

chmod +x razr_blade.sh
bash razr_blade.sh

To donate to Dan Rosenberg directly, click here:

Again, huge thanks to Dan for his diligent work!

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#37801 New Ics Build 6.14.84.xt912

Posted by arcanexvi on 27 April 2012 - 10:27 AM

THIS LEAK IS NOT RSD/FASTBOOTABLE. THE FILES HAVE BEEN PULLED DUE TO BRICKED PHONES, IF YOU STILL HAVE THE LEAK INSTALLED OR DOWNLOADED IT AND HAVEN'T INSTALLED IT YET PLEASE CONTACT A STAFF MEMBER FOR ASSISTANCE. (I didn't create this edit to my OP so please don't contact arcanexvi as I don't have any new information for you on repairing bricks... When I have more information this OP will be updated by myself or I'll create a new thread. Thanks. My PM box is just exploding and I don't have anything other than my already posted assistance thread for you at this time. -arcanexvi)

Well it's Friday. rickyheferle and I both pulled this update early yesterday morning (very shortly after it was compiled) so I want to make sure that he gets mentioned. After the shenanigans of last release we're sure of install method this time around. New build for you checking in @ ~350 megs (yeah. that's about 100 megs smaller than the last leak). I've been playing with it since yesterday morning and it's definitely cleaner. Moto's definitely been working hard to get this ready to go.

This is a leak for users currently on 6.12.181.XT912. IT ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT INSTALL COMING FROM ANY OTHER BUILD/VERSION. As usual, we at droidrzr.com are not responsible for any errors, bricked units, thermonuclear war, etc related to anything posted on this site. You accept all responsibility for your actions by using these files and agree that you're not going to swap out your unit with VZW/Moto/Insurance when you screw it up.

Changes from previous build:

- SPEED. It's way smoother and faster
- New kernel
- New CDMA radio (LTE remains the same)
- When receiving a call, there's a new button in addition to your answer/ignore so that you can respond with a text.
- I'll add more as I find them

Installation is NOT RSD/Fastbootable. - Files were pulled for this reason. Only some people are successful.

Voodoo protects root during upgrade process.

Known Issues

- Battery charge information will report incorrectly after reboots most times. Solution: Don't reboot the phone very often. If you charge/discharge it, it will fix itself. - Need verification on new build. May be fixed. Please comment.
- Outbound Calling/Texting/Data while roaming are not possible. Solution: No known fix - Need verification on new build. May be fixed. Please comment.
- Mass storage mode cannot be disabled (possible security risk). Solution: No known fix
- Mass storage is enabled even through lock screen (previously would not mount until you unlocked the phone). Again. Security risk. Solution: No known fix

For those having install issues. Please do not post here saying you're having XYZ problem until you've done the following:

1) Use RSD and go back to 744 or 173 depending what files you have available. I would say use Matt's utility but there are too many versions floating around and some people are having hit or miss results with it. My guess is people are using the wrong options when using it. As RSD has no options for you to screw up and will just blanket nuke everything, I suggest that route.

2) You have executed a factory wipe immediately before or after the above step. I'm sorry. But whatever issues you're having could be related to your current setup and/or data. Get rid of it and start over.

3) You have re-read and COMPLETELY understand the steps listed in this OP. There are many people asking questions that have answers clearly stated in this OP.

For those having issues restoring root with voodoo after install go here.

Install Instructions:

1) Download Files pulled. (right-click and save as if you have issues downloading either of these 2 files) and make sure you're above 60% charge. The update takes a while to install and you don't want it to die mid-update. Trust me. Safestrap/Bootstrap must be disabled.

File verification info: MD5: ae998251292cc5323872d868099d7461

2) Make sure you have ROM Manager, ES File Explorer (Make sure root access and system writable are enabled in the ES file explorer settings), and have root access to your system but are on an otherwise stock COMPLETELY UNMODIFIED installation of 181. In ROM Manager, DO NOT INSTALL CLOCKWORKMOD. Just have the ROM Manager app itself installed.

2a) If you plan to retain root after the update, update the Superuser.apk via the market and open the app and go to options/preferences (depending on your version) make sure your binary is up to do date in preferences ( Also make sure you have voodoo OTA Rootkeeper protecting your root after those updates before proceeding. I personally used motofail to root once I got to 173. I didn't bother rooting til I got there as it's not required and when I RSD it takes me all the way down to 744.

Alternatively, the root method here (click anywhere on this sentence) should retain root post-update without fail if you use it there will be no terminal necessary to retain root. Only Rootkeeper is necessary.

3) Copy the 2 files from step 1 into your /cache folder on the root of your system.

4) When the copy operation is complete, using ES File Explorer, tap the zip file in your cache directory and select ROM Manager when it asks you what to use to open the file.

5) ROM Manager will automatically open and prompt you that a reboot is necessary to complete the operation. Hit OK/Accept.

6) The system will reboot and install the ICS leak.

7) Profit.

As usual. Don't forget my only payment I require. Hit the like button over here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>

Posted Image
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#31292 [How-To] Sideload The Ics Leak! Updated 4-18-12

Posted by Vicious on 04 April 2012 - 02:12 PM

*First of all I am not responsible for anything you do to your phone. Try this at your own risk.*

**Second...READ, READ, and READ AGAIN!**

***If you have rom manager premium, you will need to also download the free rom manager from the play store. The free version is needed for this method to work properly***

That being said, this is how to successfully sideload the ics leak:

Fastboot back to .173 using Matt's 1.51 utility here -> http://www.droidrzr....ows-new-thread/, or RSD. Root your phone using motofail (included in Matt's utility), and install OTA Rootkeeper app from the play store or Matt's utility. You need to be completely stock with no custom recovery EVER installed. You can't just delete bootstrap or safestrap. If you have them or have had them installed then rsd/fastboot back to pure clean stock 173!

Download the leak from this torrent here in Arcane's first post http://www.droidrzr....i-haz-it-4-yew/

Rename the .zip and the .crc file to Blur_Version.6.12.173.XT912.Verizon.en.US.zip and Blur_Version.6.12.173.XT912.Verizon.en.US.crc

Move them from your computer to your phone's sdcard or sdcard-ext.

Using es file explorer with "root explorer" and "mount file system" enabled in it's settings, copy both files to the root /cache folder (you can navigate quickly through es file explorer using the favorites button at the top. The root folder is the phone with / under it in favorites.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Download Rom Manager Free from the market, but do not install clockworkmod.

Go into the superuser app and update binaries.

Go to Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper app and protect root.

Go back to the /cache folder using es file explorer and tap on the .zip. It will give you a few options to open it with. Choose Rom Manager.

Rom Manager will open and prompt to click ok to reboot into recovery and flash. (It says it will boot into cwm and flash, but it goes to stock recovery)

This will reboot the phone into the stock recovery and flash it.

When ICS boots, go into the Voodoo Rootkeeper app and restore root. If it does not, then use the terminal method here http://www.droidrzr....lling-ics-leak/

Failure to read and follow these steps will result in failure and frustration!

For those of you who WERE rooted & protected root with Voodoo, installed the ICS leak & subsequently lost root like I did, dhacker29 tweeted out some helpful instructions to remedy the issue!

I did not personally use this method - before it was available, I had already RSD'd. On my second time through the process, I successfully retained root. Therefore this was unneeded (for ME!) All credit goes to dhacker29, I just wrote up the in

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#161327 [ROM][CDMA/GSM][3-7] ★ Jellywiz RLS7 ★ I S3 Touchwiz I Rom Control I Mods I P...

Posted by Rootuser94 on 03 January 2013 - 07:41 AM

Posted Image ••´¯°• Proudly Presenting to YOU ••´¯°• Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Please READ through the OP before flashing or asking questions! Thanks :)

***You are solely responsible for stuff you do to your phone, i take no responsibility should you suffer any mental, physical or emotional damage as a result of this rom.***

Posted Image

  • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean leak
  • Fully working Stable OTA base
  • Rooted
  • Superuser
  • Busybox
  • Zipaligned
  • Deodexed
  • Debloated
  • ADB Insecured
  • etc/init.d support
  • data/app support

Posted Image

Full Samsung Galaxy Line Touchwiz UX

  • Official JB TouchWiz UX Launcher
  • Accuweather Weather Widget
  • S3 Media / Wallpapers / Live Wallpaper
  • S3 Lockscreen Clock
  • S3 Images Throughout the ROM
  • Video Player with Pop up play
  • Reboot Menu
  • S3 Style Notification pulldown Toggles
  • Center Clock
  • S Voice
  • Paper Artist App
  • S-Suggest
  • Stocks and News Widget
  • Digital Clock widget
  • Search widget
  • Clock / Alarm
  • Calculator
  • Task Manager
  • Voice Recorder
  • ES File Manager
  • Dropbox
  • Custom Themed S3 UI and apps
  • Samsung Apps: Flipboard, S Memo,
  • Android 4.2 Clock
  • Inverted Android 4.2 Keyboard
  • PIE Controls On Boot!!
  • 1% Battery Mod
  • OTA Updates
  • Inverted Hacked 4.2 Youtube with screen off playback
  • Full Android 4.2 Gapps set!
  • Custom Themes by phirr1 :)
Mods/ Tweaks:
  • Custom ROM CONTROL!
  • Settings for: Performance Control, CPU Stats, SuperSU, Jellywiz OTA updates, LED Settings, Custom Framework Installer, Per-App DPI Settings, PIE Settings, Icon Changer, Faster GPS Fix, Call Recorder, Download All Files
  • Hacked Verizon Tethering (Tether for free with no restrictions
  • Enabled full 360 Degree Rotation
  • Per- App Custom DPI Support (Change your apps to tablet mode)
  • Xposed Framework Mods installer
  • "The Wizz" custom performance and battery scripts
  • Heavily tweaked Build Prop for performance and stability
  • Volume Rocker Skip Track Enabled!
  • Disabled Scrolling Cache
  • Ram Optimization
  • Memory Optimization
  • Smooth Scrolling Tweaks
  • 3g Tweaks
  • Overclock to 1.3 Ghz
  • Faster GPS lock
  • Sysctl tweaks
  • Bettery Picture and Video quality
  • Video and screen improvement tweaks
  • Battery Tweaks
  • AC!D Audio v5
  • SD card Speed Tweaks
  • Bravia Engine 2
  • Extra Governors and schedulers
  • Ridiculous Battery life
  • Smooth
  • Blazing FAST
  • Performance that is nothing short of Legendary!

Posted Image



1. Download NEWEST Rom version
2. Reboot into Safestrap 3.11 only

3. Delete your current rom slot

4. Remake a new rom slot

3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset twice
4. Wipe cache
5. Wipe dalvik cache
5. Wipe System
6. Install Rom
7. Wipe Cache and dalvik again

8. Reboot (First Boot may take up to 10 mins)
9. Let Phone sit for 5 minutes

10. Reboot again

11. Do a permissions fix

12. Reboot
11. Enjoy and thank a dev!

Posted Image

  • All main rom features(Cam, Data, Bluetooth, etc) are working!
  • I Built this whole rom completely blind(except for my excellent testers :) ) so i may have missed another bug or two, let me know if you find anything!

Posted Image


Jellywiz Addons:

:ph34r Custom Themes by Phirr1 :ph34r

Coming soon!


Posted Image

If you like my hard working project Jellywiz please consider:

Donating to support all my hard work on this Rom!!

Posted Image

donations can be sent to scott.breen221@gmail.com

Anything you are able to contribute is amazing and is Greatly appreciated!

2. Hit LIKE on this post!

3. Follow me on Twitter for Rom updates and Info



Kebob for his JB base

Hashcode for Safestrap

Phrir1 for his ridculous testing dedication and themes!

Rovo89 for his Xposed Framework

perstorero for his help and Reboot menu

East2West for his Skip mod!

Badger50 for his Contributions and support


All people in this great community who have donated to me




Older Builds




Acid Audio v5 (not needed in RLS4)

S Voice (not needed in RLS4)




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